Underage Smoking

I know that this has been addressed before on this site, but I could not relate to any of the prior post… So here it goes. I’m 17 and was Baptized and Confirmed last night, about an hour afterwards I smoked a cigarette. I started smoking when things got rough in my life, my parents were going through a divorce and I saw it as stress reliever. Please I know it is an unhealthy habit, but I also drink cokes and I’m probably more addicted to them then I am cigarettes and they are unhealthy as well. My parents know I smoke, they have both smoked since their early teens, they do not care that I smoke (they neither approve or disapprove). The last thing is, I know it against the law, but so is speeding and jaywalking, and I do 5 over all the time and have been known to jaywalk at times. I guess my question is, Is it a mortal or venial sin. I would think that it is venial, I’m not smoking to damage my health, I do it a stress reliever. I also don’t smoke 3 or 4 packs a day, a pack will last me a good two days.

How do yall see the situation.

I’m not totally sure which it would be under, but I highly suggest finding some other way to relieve stress. I smoked for years and it was getting put into the hospital (in ICU no less) due to difficulty in breathing that got me to stop. When I was put in, I had been sick for awhile, but tried to get around it with “treatments” (using a nebulizer), but it didn’t get any better. Then one morning (3am) I woke up having a really hard time breathing. I called a telecare line and talked with a nurse, who said I should get to the hospital immediately. I’m sure she didn’t mean take a shower and get dressed first, but I did that anyway. And since I didn’t have anyone to call at that time to help me get to the hospital, I had to call an ambulance. I was admited and put into the ICU as a fall risk. I had to have help just getting to the toilet! Because of this, I encourage those who smoke to please try to quit. I don’t want you to have to get that sick before you get off the things.

Well of the tree conditions of Mortal Vs Venial

Complete Fore-knowledge: Yep you said it was illegal (as it is in the US)

Complete Free-Will: Starts to be tricky as nicotine is addictive. Addiction can lessen this attribute; however venial is always a good idea to confess. I still believe as does my confessor and pastor that a gravely mortal sin committed thru addition is still mortal but less grave.

Grave-ness: This means that it is an absolute seperation between yourself and God. By revoking His commandments directly or harming your relationship with Him directly. This is where I am not sure about. I would talk with your priest about this and discuss these things with him(your priest … well and God but different story)

I hope you find Peace in the Catholic faith and congratulations

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