Undercover video exposed chicago riots & others setups


If you are voting for Hillary or any Democratic Candidate - how does this make you feel about the DNC and Hillary - especially in light of the bombing that took place and all the emails disrespecting Catholics and Needy Latinos and the other insulting thoughts about people?


Please watch the entire video before responding


Wow! I don’t support Hillary, but that was some video. I used to think Mexico had corruption!


It is very sad -

I believe that these same qroups use similar tactics with the Tea Party movement … and even to a certain extent with the Black Lives Matter movement - though with BLM they used the tactics against the police force and communities not BLM. :frowning: and mostly funded by George Soros.

But with tactics like this - we all loose and we all pay a price …


We don’t just merely “lose” … what we lose is the United States of America.


Agree!Why it is so difficult for people to see the reality of a HC presidency ,when we have seen a foreshadowing of the corruption all alon?.One last time…you don’t like Trump,I get it.Your vote is more to keep HC out of office not so much support of Trump. The US as we know it depends on keeping HC out!


There’s already another thread on this video, but here goes…

Among some I think there’s a bit of fatigue over hearing about Hilary and e-mails. I would hazard a guess that saying “Hilary” and “Email” in the certain sentence is enough to cause some to mentally move on to the next topic. I don’t know if anyone has presented evidence that Hilary is a culprit in the fire bombing.

Among the people that I know that are voting for Hilary (Which I know are a very small infinitesimal sampling of all of those planning to vote for her, though there are polls about people that don’t like her but are voting for her) they already don’t like her or any of the candidates. They think there are problems with all of the candidates. But they are concerned more about some candidates than others. I don’t think this video will do much to move them.

I think an undecided voter would be affected more by it.


Reference to the other thread on the same video…



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