Undermining your spouses views on religion


Me and my husband are both Catholics. I swam the Tiber in 2007, and have been always for the continuation of tradition in Catholic church. That is in fact part what I love in being Catholic, praying the rosary wearing the Scapular, going to masses, I love it especially when the mass has Latin prayers..

Recently my spouse, a cradle catholic has started to dissing my way of religious practice. He has become involved with Charismatic Catholic Renewal. He starts giving me lectures in the middle of dinner, on how I am a bad Catholic, since I really cant get my head around somebody being slayed by the Holy Spirit. He says by being 'unbeliever' I cannot be forgiven and thus will go to Hell :eek: It is getting more and more irritable situation to me all the time. I cant stand his views, I am sorry for saying this in this manner, but he has started to sound like some crazy Pentecostals I once knew. He says that if God calls him to go and become a missionary he has to do it.

I dont know I mean if I as a practicing catholic am already going to Hell, then one gets to a point where separation and civil divorce does not add up too much anymore to the burden. I just dont know what to do in this situation. When I challenge his views he gets angry. Please give some advice.


If you have not done so, I would encourage you to talk to your local priest about the situation. He is in the best position to guide you in this matter.

I can give you some information and some of my opinions, but I really cannot tell you how best to utilize this info in your specific situation. That will need to come from prayer and hopefully the guidance of your priest.

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, while a genuine movement, is definitely not the only way to be a devout Catholic. There is no Church document or papal decree that asserts this. It is a style of praying, and it is not the only one. Baptism is necessary for salvation, not being "slain in the Spirit".

When a man enters into marriage with a woman, he has made the choice -- and the Church confirms that choice -- that his wife is his vocation and his path to holiness. To put it bluntly, if he feels the call to leave his wife (thereby breaking his vows and failing to live out his vocation) -- even if it is in order to be a missionary -- that call is not coming from God. God would never call someone to break their vows.

You're in a tough spot. :( Don't feel that you need to be "charismatic" in order to be Catholic. You do not. Anyone who asserts otherwise does not really understand what it means to be Catholic or charismatic.

If you were feeling confrontational, you could always challenge him to show you the Church documents that support his erroneous view. I don't know that I would recommend that course of action, though, as it may only intensify ill feelings. I would definitely try talking to your priest about it.


Joe's advice is absolutely sound....

You and your husband need the advice of a good Priest, preferably a "neutral" one, by that I mean not your pastor or his....Don't "challenge" his views. Instead tell him htat you want to get clear on these matters based ully on the teachings of the church.
Keep things non-confrontational and soundly in the camp of magisterial teachings.

Catholicism is contains a broad spectrum from the very rational to the very mystical and all points in between. Therefore he should be able to have his form of private devotion (charismatic) and you should be able to have yours...(more concervative)



Ok, here is my opinion of the Charismatic movement (and I know I will probably invite a lot of daggers to me but here goes)

When people are screaming 'Praise the Lord' and 'Thank you Jesus', it is very easy to get carried away in the 'rah rah rah sis boom ba' of the moment. It can have the numbing effect of alcohol to forget the pain. And..... personally, I can never understand how anyone could hear the voice of Jesus with all that raquet going on.

I think your husband is hurting and he is having trouble accepting God's will and searching out God's strenght to bear his crosses in life.

I am sorry I have no advice for you. Just simply trying to point out where your husband is coming from


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