Understanding Baptism


Just checking to see if My understanding is correct…

My understanding is that Baptism is for the removal of the stain of Original sin, and is not suppose to be for the removal of personal sins committed.

The removal of personal sin is through confessing them.

Just wanted to clarify, let me know if my understanding is off

In Christ


For infants, who have no personal sin, baptism remits Original Sin only.

For those over the age of reason, baptism remits both Original Sin and any personal sin.

Confession is the remedy for any post-baptismal personal sins.


Your understanding is off. Baptism removes ALL sins Original and Personal. Including possibly all Temporal Punishment associated with them.


Baptism removes Original Sin. If the person is of age, it also removes all personal sain and the temporal punishment due to sin.
Deacon Ed B


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