Understanding God's Love

Could a God of love create cancer cells, rattlesnakes, and earthquakes?

Please no simplistic, cookie cutter answers! Think about the depth and degree of God’s love before answering. Don’t demean God’s love.


In Paradise rattlesnakes wouldn’t do anyone any harm, neither would there be any earthquakes or cancer cells to harm man. All these things were harmful after the fall when everything was thrown out of whack and everything rebelled against man, including sickness and death.


That’s not a simplistic answer.

God’s love is always an interesting topic. In real life when it is being experienced it can lead a person to tears and deep repentence.

In the other thread, Joshua meets the 'Lord’, one poster did not believe that Jesus is the God of OT because in there God ordered all people of Jericho to be killed.

Today many of us are still asking the same question: “if You (God) love me, then why do You give me cancer; why is there earthquake, tsunami, wars, starvation, etc”.

To the real Christians of the early days it is perhaps surprising today to know that all these did not seem to matter to them. Perhaps this is a good point to ponder when we deal with this topic.

God bless.

Can God love each and every one of us, as he loves himself?

Would God have to constantly keep forgiving us, in order that he should continue to love us, as he loves himself?

God has the power to put all things right in a greater good life after death.

just some simplistic thoughts.

God did not create evil - Genesis affirms that at each stage of creation He looked at what He had made and pronounced it “good.”

Evil is the corruption/perversion of creation, brought about by rebellion against God.

God is love. (cf.1 John 4:8;16) Everything He creates is good. (cf. Gen 1) Therefore it is evident that these illnesses of the world are a by-product of something good gone bad. Why did they go bad? It is the consequence of sin in the world. In paradise there will be no suffering since the world will be restored to its original design.

God did create rattlesnakes as he did all animals who kill for food. And this too shall pass…teachccd

If you want, the best way we have, to quantify God’s love… Just watch Passion of the Christ. That’s what God did, for you.

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