Understanding Heaven


How does the human mind long for a place…a concept…a contruct when there is no comparing/contrasting relative idea/place that it can be likened to? How do you define happiness? Is it your own version of happiness?..is there a collective happiness/peace? If our greatest moments of peace, happiness, fullfillment etc… have happened right here in the context of our physical and emotional connection with earth and it’s inhabitants…then how can we long for a heaven? What ARE we longing for? Is it our greatest moment on Earth multiplied into or onto a nether world? How can we understand…and if we can’t…why do we long?..When we as human beings go about our daily existence, sum up our goals, trudge forth through society…do we secretly wish for heaven? …

I’d like to start a discussion regarding what people think Heaven is really. I think it should be interesting. If people would like to quote scriptural depictions of heaven…this would be wonderful.


If I recall, Tim Staples was answering a question on that a couple days ago. I think he hit it on the nose, though. There is no way our pitiful minds can comprehend the majesty of God’s total presence in heaven. For us, heaven is totally beyond cognition. I think, though, the reason why we long for it, even though we don’t know its dynamics, is because it is the ultimate goal of sublimity.



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