Understanding Marian devotion

I am not an apologetic…simply a Catholic in training.

I know many browse through this forum looking to understand why it is that Catholics do the things we do.

This is my testimony about my love and adoration for Our Most Blessed Mother.

I am a Mommy. Our three little girls have feet, and our two sons are saints. Marshall, named after our favorite deacon, was born sleeping. He was asleep on our sonogram that was to reveal our fourth child’s gender. We gave birth to Marshall, all 6.5 inches of him, on March 30, 2008. I tried to take care of my pain by myself. I thought I did a good job of it, too.

But then, a year and a month later, we gave birth to Jonah, also at 19 plus weeks, who was dying slowly while choking on his own blood seeping from his anencephalic head. My womb, which was supposed to be a safe place, had failed.

I couldn’t do it alone. We were carried on the prayers and love shown to us by many, many people. We got through the funeral, and when I got out of my fog and looked at my children, I realized that I couldn’t do it alone.

Then, it dawned on me…My Holy Mother knows my pain. She lost her innocent son, too. She had to watch as he suffered, then died. His body was defiled before she was able to assure that he’d been washed and wrapped with love.

Who could help me? My Mother could.

Recently I have picked up my Rosary, and began my devotions again. Who better to walk this journey with me than her? Yes, I still have children here…children I love and admire…just as she loved His beloved apostles and disciples. If I follow her lead, and support them, lead them, and guide them…I will be ok. I too will see my children again. My beloved sons…

Anyway, that’s my testimony. I hope it helps you on your path to discovering who she is, and why it is we love her so much.

I’m in a master’s degree Marian theology class right now with Dr. Mark Miravalle. He says the “Pietá” is the response to any woman who has lost her child, just as you have said here. Pope Benedict XVI, while he was Cardinal Ratzinger speaks of this imagery in page 78 of the book Mary: The Church at the Source.

Your theology is spot on. I am very sorry to hear about your suffering though and find inspiration in your response. Prayers of course. :o

God bless you, Heather!

Despite your loss, it must be very comforting to know beyond doubt that you do have 2 saints in Heaven!

You and your family are in our prayers!

How sad and beautiful at the same time. I am happy that through Mary, you are able to understand the glory and suffering the Lord reveals to us.

God Bless

Thank you for the imagery! It’s absolutely beautiful!

I am in RCIA, and hoping to come in at Easter. DH has finally begun the process of dealing with his first marriage after my being in class for 4 years. I wondered why it took so long…what was God waiting on?!!

Then, I began to understand. Had I not been in class and constantly wearing my theology on my sleeves, I’d have missed Mary’s call to me.

Bless you all!

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