Understanding Of Forgiveness?

So you forgive others because if you do not, it will hurt you. Well what happens to those hurt you then? I understand this is a bit invasive. If someone wrongs you, it becomes your fault for not forgiving them. Nothing seems to happen on their behalf. They move on, probably have forgotten you and are happy. It always seems like the selfish and cruel are always happy. Sure they may feel guilty. Some people honestly never do feel guilt, if they do, it is short-lived anyways.

You only have to grant forgiveness if someone apologizes for their transgression, God does not forgive us if we do not confess our sins and ask for forgiveness.

As one who sometimes has trouble moving on from past hurt, I read your post and know I have been there.

Ultimately, it’s not about the people who have betrayed or otherwise hurt you. By keeping them front and center in your thoughts, you give them control over you and power to influence your mood each and every day of your life. Not forgiving–and I don’t mean reconciling, I simply mean forgiving–not forgiving someone keeps you bonded to them.

There have been people I’ve felt unable to forgive. I think the first step is to acknowledge the need to forgive, if only to obey God. (Not because the other person deserves it in any way.) Sometimes I’ve had to pray for the will to forgive and acknowledge that I wasn’t the least bit interested in doing it.

God can intervene to help in astonishing ways. When I made my first Confession, I was blessed by the sense of having many old resentments simply fall away; it was like chains dropping off. Confessing any tendencies to hold onto bitterness, resentment and the like helps, I believe, to let these things go. Ultimately, you are releasing your painful feelings to God, and you are leaving the offender(s) to God’s justice.

It is a spiritual battle.

Maybe I should go to confession as well. Perhaps I do not understand what forgiveness truly means.

That is one realization that I believe helps us to forgive those who have mistreated us.

‘Hating someone is like drinking a poison and expecting the other person to die’

I don’t know.

In a book I was reading about forgiveness, Jesus said "Forgive, not from the lips but from the heart, and then I can work."

I think it’s important to look at what hatred and vengeance are and what they do, if someone mistreats you, how does mistreating them back help you? instead of one person being mistreat, now two have been mistreated. Hatred begets more hatred, vengeance begets more vengeance.

Maybe, but none of this said anything about you. What are YOU going to do? I believe forgiveness is the only answer. Dr Phil once said, “Don’t get caught up in whether your situation is fair or unfair, get over it and figure out how to win.” Forgiving is how you win, because it frees you! (Then with clarity you can see what needs to be done without your judgement being clouded with hatred, anger, resentment or vengeance), and not only that, but if the other party is repentant, it produces great fruits in them too.

I hope you don’t mind if I share some thoughts on forgiveness from the book ‘Life Code’ by Dr Phil and other places.

“Hating someone is like drinking a poison and expecting the other person to die.”

I believe that If you feel hatred, anger or resentment, than you own those feelings and that is why there only is one thing worse than being hurt by someone and that is keeping that hurt alive, you have the ability to forgive those people who have mistreated you, not just as a gift to them, but as a gift to yourself. (It’s a twofold gift)

Forgiveness will set you free from pain others have caused you in your life, forgiveness will free you from the hatred anger or resentment that you choose to carry and these feelings change who you are, your hatred, anger, and resentment are absolutely incompatible with your peace, joy, and relaxation.

To assume that you can turn your feelings of hate, anger or resentment on and off like a light switch is naïve, these feelings of bitterness and anger are such powerful influences that once they enter your heart, they are present in all of your relationships.

They truly do make you become a different person. Who you were goes away, and now you are defined by the hatred and bitterness. Ultimately, what makes these emotions so powerful is that they change who you are.

I believe There is something else you must consider: you cannot give away what you do not have.

You cannot give pure and accepting love from a pure and accepting heart if you have neither. That would mean giving away what you do not have. If the love in your heart is contaminated, if growing within it is the cancer of hatred, anger, and resentment, then that is the only love that you have to give.

If your heart has turned cold and hard because of hatred, anger, and resentment, then that is the heart from which all your emotions spring. That is the love and that is the heart that you have to offer your loved ones and fellow human beings. Hatred, anger, and resentment truly change who you are. They truly prevent you from being able to give to those you love that which you want them to have.

Many people say:* “I can’t forgive because they aren’t sorry and they don’t deserve or even want my forgiveness.”* If that’s the standard, there are many people in this world who, clearly, will never be entitled to forgiveness, however forgiveness is about you too, it’s about the gift of freeing yourself from such ugly emotions, you didn’t do the crime, so why do the additional time?

It’s about you saying "I will not bond with you through hatred, anger, or resentment. I will not bond with you through fear. I will not allow you to drag me into your dark world. By forgiving you, I am releasing me, not you. You must live with yourself every day. You must live with the darkness in your heart. But I do not, and I will not, You are the one who committed the crime, I don’t have to continue to suffer for it and I refuse to, by forgiving you I am releasing myself from that emotional prison you have locked me in, you cannot mistreat me and than continue hurting me through those feelings of hatred, anger or resentment, I make that choice, not you.”

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Take the power back from those who have hurt you. The Choice is, and always has been, all yours. The power of forgiveness is the power to set yourself free from the bonds of hatred, anger, and resentment. Seize the power and rise above the pain. You are worth it, and everyone you love deserves it.

Christ told us that our Hearts are where our treasure is. “Your heart will always be where your treasure is.” Matthew 6:21. It’s a treasure that does not rust and cannot be stolen! It can only be thrown away, and we choose to throw it away when we harbor those ugly emotions of hatred anger, or resentment toward someone who has mistreated us, take the power back from those who have hurt you! take your treasure back! Forgiveness is a gift! reclaim your heart!

“Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.” - Romans 12:21

I believe there is nothing to be gained by harboring emotions of hatred, anger or resentment toward someone … nothing but more pain and heartache for yourself and others.

After forgiveness, I believe when you think of the wrong doing, instead of emotions such as hatred, anger or resentment, these will instead be emotions of pity.

Pity means feeling for others, particularly feelings of sadness or sorrow towards someone, this I believe is what replaces those ugly emotions of hatred, anger and resentment towards someone, this is what I believe forgiveness does, I believe you cannot become indifferent about such mistreatment, but you can remove those ugly emotions through forgiveness, forgiveness replaces those ugly emotions with pity, because I believe it doesn’t take much work to realize that those who have mistreated you are usually locked in their own emotional prison of hatred, anger and resentment themselves. Thus I believe it’s as Bishop Fulton J. Sheen mentioned, where the hatred gets passed on until the line is severed through forgiveness.

In saying all of this, I would also like to say that I believe forgiveness doesn’t mean putting yourself in vulnerable situations though, as it says in the gospels “don’t give to dogs what belongs to God as they will only turn and attack you.” Matthew 7:6 and “I am sending you like lambs into a pack of wolves. So be as wise as snakes and as innocent as doves. 17 Watch out for people who will take you to court and have you beaten in their meeting places.” Matthew 10:16-17

I believe you don’t judge people to be good or bad, you instead gather information about a person and make an informed decision. As Dr Phil say’s “I believe giving people the benefit of the doubt is reckless, not virtuous”

I would also like to share with you some Dr Phil quotes on forgiveness that I believe are very good.

Forgiveness is a choice. Don’t wait for it to just wash over you all of a sudden. You have to choose it. - Dr Phil

Don’t give your power away. The pain of what happened is inevitable, but continuing to suffer is optional. The only person you can control is you. By constantly re-living the pain of what happened, you are giving your power away to the person who wronged you. - Dr Phil

Don’t cling to negative feelings. Anger is nothing more than an outward sign of hurt, fear, guilt, grief or frustration. While the pain may never completely disappear, forgiveness can help you release the anger and bring those in your life closer to you. - Dr Phil

There is no right timeline for recovery. For some people, making peace happens suddenly and spontaneously. For others, it takes time and effort. You may have to make a conscious choice every day to forgive. To say, “I’m letting this go. I’m not going to invest hatred, bitterness, anger, resentment in this person anymore.” You can find closure in forgiveness. - Dr Phil

You can’t change the things that happened in your life, but you can decide how you interpret and respond to them. If you didn’t receive support when you needed it, give it to yourself now. - Dr Phil

The stronger the emotions of hatred, anger or resentment, the greater the gifts that you will receive when you let them go. “He who knows how to forgive prepares for himself many graces from God. As often as I look upon the cross, so often will I forgive with all my heart.” St Faustina (Diary, 390)

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I believe the following may also help.

Jesus to St. Faustina

"It is in My Passion that you must seek light and strength." (Diary, 654)

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Divine Mercy Image - St. Faustina


Jesus to St Faustina -

"These two rays issued forth from the very depths of My tender mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross." (Diary, 299)

"My Heart overflows with great mercy for souls, and especially for poor sinners. If only they could understand that I am the best of Fathers to them and that it is for them that the Blood and Water flowed from My Heart as from a fount overflowing with mercy. For them I dwell in the tabernacle as King of Mercy. I desire to bestow My graces upon souls, but they do not want to accept them. You, at least, come to Me as often as possible and take these graces they do not want to accept. In this way you will console My Heart. Oh, how indifferent are souls to so much goodness, to so many proofs of love! My heart drinks only of the ingratitude and forgetfulness of souls living in the world. They have time for everything, but they have no time to come to Me for graces." (Diary, 367).

"My mercy is greater than your sins and those of the entire world. Who can measure the extent of my goodness? For you I descended from heaven to earth; for you I allowed myself to be nailed to the cross; for you I let my Sacred Heart be pierced with a lance, thus opening wide the source of mercy for you. Come, then, with trust to draw graces from this fountain. I never reject a contrite heart." (Diary, 1485).

**“My daughter, know that My Heart is mercy itself. From this sea of mercy, graces flow out upon the whole world. No soul that has approached Me has ever gone away unconsoled. All misery gets buried in the depths of My mercy, and every saving and sanctifying grace flows from this fountain…” **(Diary, 1777).


Jesus to St Faustina

"I am giving you three ways of exercising mercy toward your neighbor: the first by deed, the second – by word, the third – by prayer. In these three degrees is contained the fullness of mercy, and it is an unquestionable proof of love for Me." (Diary, 742)

Sacred Heart of Jesus Image - (St Margaret-Mary Alacoque)


Jesus to St Margaret-Mary Alacoque -

**"Behold this Heart which has loved men so much that it has spared nothing, even to exhausting **(Crucifixion) and consuming itself (Last Supper, Eucharist) in order to testify to them it’s love."

I hope this has helped

God Bless

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CRATUS, it sounds as if you might think that forgiving someone means that you have to feel affection and warmth for the person, or the love that you had before. That isn’t true. I like what josh987654321 said, particularly his quotes from Dr. Phil. When you forgive someone, you don’t have to “take them back” or act as if what they did wasn’t really that bad.

For example, if a family member abuses your child, you may eventually forgive and move on–but that doesn’t mean you allow that family member around your child ever again. If someone has betrayed your trust, you don’t have to pretend it never happened in order to forgive.

I think you know you’ve forgiven when you see the person who betrayed you and are able to wish him or her well. When you can see the person and feel sorry for how miserable they must be to have hurt you like that. Praying for that person, whether you feel like it or not, is helpful. Feelings are irrelevant; you don’t have to feel good about it.

It’s about getting your life back, not to mention your peace. It’s about severing that bond created by anger, hurt and eventually bitterness. It’s about being free.

Thank you GoldenSeal.

I agree with everything you said accept for the part about ‘feelings being irrelevant’ Only because I believe that for forgiveness to be truly fruitful, it needs to come from the heart, out of a love for God being the best (forgiving for the sake of what Christ went through for us), which I believe means feelings are important. As Jesus said 'Forgive, not from the lips, but from the heart, then I can work.'

However, in saying that, I have not been mistreated as severely as some people and so I don’t know how I would go if I were in anyone else’s shoes, As C.S. Lewis says in his book ‘every one says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive’ So if anything I’ve said on this subject doesn’t help than please feel free to disregard it.

Anyway, I hope you don’t mind if I share a little more about forgiveness that I believe may also help.

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I hope this has helped

God Bless

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What was said to Catalina regarding Jesus Passion is well written, but are we sure it really was said by HIm?

I would like to hear what others think about this. I did some research on this I am not sure what to believe. here is what I found.


Not all reports of visions and apparitions are taken seriously by church authorities. For instance, the messages reported by Catalina Rivas were later found to correspond to exact pages of books written by others, and published instructional literature for Catholic seminarians.

Visions of Jesus and Mary


I also found this on the internet about Catalina and her visions.

Catalina Rivas is almost certainly a pious fraud. The thrice-married woman hails from Cochabamba, Bolivia, though she now dwells in Mexico (Merida, Yucatan). Her piety is expressed by her alleged stigmata and her alleged “messages” from Jesus, Mary and angels who, for some unexplained reason, dictate their messages to Rivas not only in Spanish, but in Greek, Latin and Polish. (For some unknown reason, Jesus and Mary don’t dictate to Rivas in English, so her “messages” have to be translated into that language. Many are posted on the Internet.) She does not sign her name to her “messages,” preferring to refer to herself as “la sierva de Dios” (the servant of God [sic]) or “la secretaria de Dios” (the secretary of God [sic]). She doesn’t claim to be the author of her books; rather they are said to be channeled (“dictada a la sierva de Dios”). Nor does she have a publishing house. Her books are sold as photocopies.

Because of her alleged stigmata and “messages,” Rivas is considered the spiritual mother of international religious movements known as the Apostolate of the New Evangelization (ANE) (in Spanish, Apostolado de la Nueva Evangelización and The Great Crusade of Love and Mercy (in Spanish, La Gran Cruzada del Amor y Misericordia) and has followers all over the world.

If asked how it is possible for her to have the stigmata and be a pious fraud, the answer is that she does not truly suffer inexplicable wounds. They are most likely self-inflicted wounds, as evidenced by her performance on the Fox Network special “Signs from God [sic]: Science Tests Faith.” If asked how it is possible for her to write books in languages she does not understand, the answer is simple: she copies them.

She has already been caught plagiarizing the work of José Prado Flores and Salvador Gómez of Guadalajara, Mexico. Her messages from God [sic] published in 1996 as “Renovacion Evangelica” (Evangelical Revival) bear a remarkable resemblance to Formacion de Predicadores (Training Preachers) published several years before she got them from “god.” The work of Prado Flores and Gómez was actually written many years before Rivas claimed to have gotten remarkably similar and often identical messages from god. According to Prado Flores, he and Gómez prepared the first version of their work in 1980, gave it as a workshop in 1982 and published it in 1988 [ISBN 83-7224-026-4]. Their work has been translated into Portuguese (1990), Italian (1992) and Polish (1999). Formacion de Predicadores has been published in later editions with different ISBNs: 03-2001-0612 and 10-4933-00-01. I have the 1992 edition published by Kerygma.

José Prado Flores is a respected Mexican author of Catholic books. He has numerous publications to his credit. Salvador Gómez is the author of Para Un Matrimonio Feliz (For a Happy Marriage). Prado Flores has written to me that Rivas has even kept his Mexican examples in her work, which, he says, would only be understood by Mexican readers. Also, in one of her books Rivas claims that Jesus warns us against listening to the authors of books!

Rivas has not always been such a holy person. She was a “fallen-away Catholic” in 1993 when she saw and heard Nancy Fowler in Bolivia. She even went to Conyers, Georgia, in the U.S. to see Fowler, a woman who claims the Virgin Mary appeared to her on the 13th of each month (à la Fatima) for several years. (For some reason, the visions have stopped and for various reasons Fowler has dissociated herself from the Conyers people.) It was in Conyers that Rivas claims to have had her first stigmatic experience. For a while Rivas was a Fowler follower, but she broke away and, as mentioned above, is now considered the spiritual mother of another religious movement. (Fowler has distanced herself from Rivas and a group who tried to publish some of Rivas’s “messages,” noting that Rivas claims to have been in Conyers when she received one of her messages but she could not have been there because of an airline strike.)*



When Jesus spent his time on Earth, he would have lived by the greatest commandments, but how could Jesus love all his neighbours as he loved himself? Judas who betrayed him, and the soldiers who nailed him to the cross.

We know that Jesus prayed on the cross, forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

Does forgiveness mean that; nothing should stand in the way of us loving all our neighbours as we love our self?

Good question, I believe we should love our neighbours but also ask for forgiveness from God for our sins and for the sins of others as Jesus did when He asked for forgiveness for those who crucified Him. Jesus prayed for them to be forgiven and we must pray and ask for our sins to be forgiven, and we must also pray for those who trespass against us.

Hi JosieN :slight_smile:

With what I have learned about her writings, I am sure.

Okay, there have been other threads from other people on her writings such as this thread in 2007.

Catalina Rivas - Any Ideas on Her?

Fair enough, no offense intended, but I don’t believe a general Google search is ‘research enough’ on these sorts of things, as a simple Google search I believe will contain much material trying to discredit the Eucharist and Christ too.

I did a simple Google search on St Faustina and found dozens of pages trying to discredit her.

Google: St Faustina True or False?

For more information, I would very much like to recommend the following short pdf. on it.


For me, the miracles (such as the stigmata) point to their authenticity, the very reputable eye witnesses such as Mike Willesee point to their authenticity, and most of all, the writings themselves I believe point to their authenticity.

I will try and answer the attacks on her writings in my next post.

I hope this has helped

God Bless

Thank you for reading

I thought one of the signs of false private revelation was that the ‘individual’ became more important while ‘Christ’ became less important, in this case it’s the opposite, as she does not sign ‘her’ name at the end of these writings, so I am unsure why this is considered as evidence against their authenticity?

I also believe that English is not her native language so I don’t understand why it would be expected to be written in English. I also believe that the original ones without being translated contain a certain lyrical aspect to them, they read the same but almost like poetry in the original languages, which I believe would explain why they were written in these certain languages.


Mike Willesee made his first trip to Bolivia in July 1998. He went back in Holy Week of April 1999 bringing with him his own film crew to record the story for the Fox Network Television Program. He was hoping that Katya would have the stigmata on Good Friday of that week and that he would be able to film it. The day before Good Friday, Katya said to Mr Willesee that she had had a message from Jesus saying that she would not have the stigmata the next day but that she would have it on the Friday following the Feast of Corpus Christi (which would make it Friday, 4th June 1999, some two months away) and that he could return then and film what happens.

We retuned on 3rd June and we were given unrestricted freedom to film. We began filming her on the evening of the 3rd and then through the next day. At 12 noon, on 4thJune, at the exact time and date that Katya predicted the stigmata would occur, we saw and filmed small red dots appear on her palms and her feet. These marks then slowly opened up to form somewhat circular and deep severe wounds which began to shed blood. There was a symmetry to the way the wounds appeared and developed in both hands and both feet. They all began at the same time and progressed as bleeding wounds at the same rate. While wounds appeared on her hands and feet, wounds began to appear on her forehead.

The wounds on the forehead appeared one after another across the forehead as we watched. These wounds looked as if they had been caused by something sharp, small and pointed. There were perhaps 20 or so. On her left cheek there appeared a swelling and a heavy bruise mark, of the sort that one sees when someone has been given a hard punch to the face.

Throughout all this Katya was seen to suffer the pains of the wounds she had. As the time approached 3 pm she began to suffer from difficulty in breathing and what seemed like a congestion in her lungs. At about 3.10 pm, all the pain subsided, and her injuries began to heal.

By the next morning the injuries she had to her body had completely healed. (The medical opinion is that the wounds like she had should have taken at least 4 to 6 weeks to heal).There were at least 9 people in the room who witnessed Katya experience the stigmata that day. Not only was there Mike Willesee and myself, but Greg Barbara, (an Australian 60 Minutes cameraman), his sound recorder, Ralph Steele, Neuropsychophysiologist, Dr Ricardo Castanon, and other people.

Since the broadcast of the Fox program, there have been some journalists and critics who have gone to print to publish what they suggest was the case, namely that Katya inflicted those wounds on herself, or they were inflicted on her by someone else and that Mike Willesee had been duped by some clever fraud to think otherwise.

It is interesting that not one of those journalists or critics has asked to see the raw footage of what was professionally filmed of what actually happened. Nor have they sought to speak to or interview any of the 9 witnesses who saw what happened.

Also what these critics have conveniently failed to consider, is that if they believe Katya or someone else somehow inflicted these severe wounds on her without the camera or the witnesses noticing, how did she make those wounds heal completely overnight as they did?

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St Faustina’s Diary

She said to me,* “Get it out of your head, Sister, that the Lord Jesus might be communing in such an intimate way with such a miserable bundle of imperfections as you! Bear in mind that it is only with holy souls that the Lord Jesus communes in this way!”* I acknowledged that she was right, because I am indeed a wretched person, but still I trust in God‟s mercy. When I met the Lord I humbled myself and said, “Jesus, it seems that You do not associate intimately with such wretched people as I.**” Be at peace, My daughter, it is precisely through such misery that I 63 want to show the power of My mercy. ** (Diary, 133)

June 29, 1935. When I talked to my spiritual director [Father Sopocko] about various things that the Lord was asking of me, I thought he would tell me that I was incapable of accomplishing all those things, and that the Lord Jesus did not use miserable souls like me for the works He wanted done. But I heard words [to the effect] that it was just such souls that God chooses most frequently to carry out His plans. (Diary, 436)

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I don’t know anything about what the article is talking about here, so I believe I am unable to help here.

The following is a preface to her writings.


This booklet is part of a larger collection of books (see list on last page), dictated in large part by Jesus and the Virgin Mary to Catalina (Katya) Rivas. The books reflect traditional Catholic teaching and spirituality and are available at “www.LoveAndMercy.org” for reading and printing at no cost. People are encouraged to copy these texts without change and distribute them in support of the beloved Pope John Paul II’s call to a New Evangelization.

These books of “The Great Crusade” are part of a growing collection of now more than twelve publications in Spanish containing teachings that transmit the spirituality of the Apostolate of the New Evangelization (ANE), which is based upon the Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The books are progressively being translated into English and other languages. An Imprimatur or recommendation by Catholic Church authorities can the found at the beginning of each publication.

The ANE is a Catholic movement of lay people that arises as an answer to Pope John Paul II’s insistent call to those baptized to commit to the task of promoting the Good News that Christ has died and risen for our salvation from sin.

As Catholics that we are, we completely submit to the Teaching of the Church concerning “Private Revelations” as stated in Canons 66 and 67 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, published in English in 1994:

Canon 66: “The Christian economy, therefore, since it
is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass
away; and no new public revelation is to be expected
before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus
Christ.” Yet even if Revelation is already complete, it
has not been made completely explicit; it remains for
Christian faith gradually to grasp its full significance
over the course of the centuries.

Canon 67: Throughout the ages, there have been socalled
“private” revelations, some of which have been
recognized by the authority of the Church. They do
not belong, however, to the deposit of faith. It is not
their role to improve or complete Christ’s definitive
Revelation, but to help live more fully by it in a
certain period of history. Guided by the Magisterium
of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to
discern and welcome in these revelations whatever
constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to
the Church.

Christian faith cannot accept “revelations” that claim
to surpass or correct the Revelation of which Christ is
the fulfillment, as is the case in certain non-Christian
religions and also in certain recent sects which base
themselves on such “revelations”.

If Jesus speaks to your heart as you read this book, please share these words with people who want to open their hearts to the call for a New Evangelization. Invoke the Holy Spirit so that It guides and grants you the gifts that you need for a good personal conversion and grants the same for those with whom you share this booklet.

Love and Mercy Publications
Christmas 2005

And -

Translated from the original Imprimatur in Spanish:

Archbishop of Cochabamba
Casilia 129
Cochabamba - Bolivia


We have read Catalina’s books and we are sure that their only objective is to guide us all on a journey of authentic spirituality, founded on the Gospel of Christ. The books likewise highlight the special place occupied by the Blessed Virgin Mary, our role model in loving and following Jesus Christ, our Mother to whom we should offer our complete trust and love.

In renewing the love and devotion to the Holy Catholic Church, the books enlighten us on the actions that should characterize a truly committed Christian.

For all this, I authorize their edition and distribution, and recommend them as texts of meditation and spiritual orientation, with the purpose of answering Our Lord’s calling to save many souls, showing them that He is a living God, full of love and mercy.

  • Mons. René Fernández Apaza
    Archbishop of Cochabamba
    April 2, l998

Also the following I believe may help - youshallbelieve.com/A-plea-to-humanity.pdf

A person assisting in the translation of one of the books from Spanish to English, summarised the impact on him in these words, “This book is moving in the extreme, not because it contains some new or exciting revelation, on the contrary, but because it reveals the Gospel we thought we knew in a manner so fresh, so immediate, so tangible, so real that we are -unless our hearts are made of stone - profoundly touched and thankful that at the same time Our Lord who is life itself, has been so kind to see fit to approach us again, in this way, through this sweet and humble woman in Cochabamba.”

I hope this has helped, please feel free to reply/refute anything.

God Bless

Thank you for reading

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