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I was hoping that someone could clear something up for me regarding clergy members who are homosexual. I have asked many people about this, but so far, there are no clear answers. Some say it is simply a matter of interpretation of Scripture. What I do not understand is this…God specifically says through Scripture, that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord. I understand that a person may be drawn to homosexuality and that is not the sin…however, the act in itself is the sin. How do clergy members justify this? Thank you if you can clear this up for me…I truly do not understand how it is justified. :shrug:

How is what justified? You have already made the justification for a man who is attracted to the same sex becoming a priest. He is called to a chaste and celibate life, just as a heterosexual man is because, as you said, homosexuality is not a sin, rather it is the act that is the sin.

What I have been told, however, and I have no solid evidence for this, is that homosexual men are not being allowed into seminaries any longer as they seem to be in the higher precentage of abuses that have taken place. Maybe someone can verify this (or not).

Justified…I would assume that it is justified in the Episcopalian demonination as there are indeed both male and female clergy members who are homosexuals. I do not understand this. Please explain.

Nothing really to explain. You answered your own question. Sin is Sin and nothing can justify it. God Bless!

I guess I am not really making myself clear. I would like someone from a different religion, other than Catholic, to explain to me why their clergy, who are homosexual and participate in homosexual acts, are acceptable in their congregation when Scripture says that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord. How do they (Episcopalian, etc.) justify to themselves or their church membership…do they not agree that the act they engage in is not a sin? If so, how do they interpret the Scriptures? I am NOT interested in arguments…only understanding. Thank you.

Better go to a forum of an other religion.

This is a site that deals with these questions. I guess there is no explanations to this question.

They simply don’t want to change. No arguments, I respect what you are asking. People have a way to justify their faults to other people. They may succeed in this but They cannot Justify it before the Almighty. Many Bibles have changed dating back to Martin Luther. The only Bible that we have today is the Douley Rhimes Version. Check the Copyrites and one can see which one is the original. Any other Bible was written before this time on Sheep skin and scrolls. Many of the verses and Books got changed or completely taken out. The King James version was written after the Douley Rhimes and books got left out to compensate for Martin Luther’s wanting to Remarry. The preaching is of Man’s interpetation and not of God’s. Some of these religions not all but some are made to accept the changes in todays world. Henceforth they change the scriptures. Hope this helps. God Bless!

ok…thank you for understanding that i do not want to belabor a point here. so what you are saying is that those religions i.e. episcopalIan changed the Scriptures they read in their services to say that homosexual acts are not an abomination to the Lord. Guess i should go online and read their interpretations. again…thank you for your input.

You might like to listen to the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, an Episcopalian bishop openly living with a same-sex partner talking on this matter. You can listen to an interview with him here … gracecathedral.org/cathedral-life/worship/listen/detail.php?fid=142

One of the most common arguments you here is that scripture does not deal with love same-sex relationships. I do actually agree with that, but I think it then takes quite a leap to say that actually they are OK, because scripture does not say that either. Still, I do think we should listen to gay people who have had the challenge of reading and making sense of scripture. For many of us the question is academic, but I appreciate for some it affects a very important part of their life.

Correct. But that doesn’t just go for these acts it also goes for different types of sin. I am sure some (few) did not mean to change the Bible. It may be just there own interpetation. But Mans way of thinking and interpetation is different to God’s.

I didn’t download the audio file because I’m trying not to read or listen to things that will aggravate me so close to the holidays.

I am thinking that as long as they are not engaging in sexual activity, there would be nothing wrong. People loving and caring about each other is a good thing, as is getting hugs.

The trouble is that if sexual feelings arise, then even a hug can potentially lead to bad consequences. If I were sexually attracted to someone who was not my wife, and that person were sexually attracted to me, the last thing I would do would be to live with them.

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