Understanding Pope Francis

This is a really good talk on Pope Francis’ pastoral foundation. It explains a lot about his formation, his evangelical priorities, his vocation in Christ. I found it very illuminating as it dispelled some preconceived notions that abound in our press and our discussions.
Above all it is a good talk about essential Christian discipleship for anyone. It is well worth the time.


Just wanted to bump this. It really is an eye opener on P Francis way of doing things.

I needed to listen to this. Fr. Spitzer is always worth listening to. This clears up what the Holy Father does not clear up - for a specific reason. He can be polarizing.

Many here think that he is climbing over the fence: progressives tout that while conservatives disdain it. As Fr. Spitzer so aptly explains, it is neither.

Christ: the cause of murmuring. Pope Francis: likewise.

Only time - perhaps beyond our lifetime - will reveal the brilliance of his technique.


Thank you for reminding me of this video. I haven’t watched it in a long while, and had forgotten about it.

Fr. Spitzer offers us one of the best if not the best explanations of Pope Francis and his way of thinking. Pope Francis is a Jesuit. A Jesuit’s Jesuit. But above all, he is faithful to the church as he has said time and again.

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