Understanding quantum physics in light of a Catholic informed conscience

To me, it seems that the understanding of quantum physics is the biggest mystery of life. Max Plank sums it up in light of religion as such: “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter” in 1944.[24]

Let us reflect on this for a minute… There appears to be a “force” that holds all matter together. This “force” would be viewed as God by religious people… So what do the non-religious view this force as?

(Please, no evolution or athiesm remarks allowed. Thanks.)

Also, from what ive gathered, physics made a split in the 20th century and went into two seperate directions… The theory of relativity was einsteins answer to space and time, while the study of atomic and subatomic processes were developed by planck… So we now have both -the Theory of Relativity which is Einsteins and we have Quantum Theory which is Plancks.

Id like to discuss Quantum Theory. Im interested in knowing how its taught, and what it entails. Id like to compare these findings with how the theory of relativity is taught. Id also like to compare Einsteins reputation and fame with Plancks. Was Einstein also a contributor to quantum physics in that he managed to split atoms? Theres so much i dont know -id like to know more.

Einstein won a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his work on quantum theory. I guess his theory of relativity was too controversial at the time.

I am not going to go into detail about quantum physics and all that jazz because I do not feel that I have a say in something that I am not totally informed on myself. I just wish to point out that science and how much we know about the universe is ever increasing with stuff like string theory and multiverses, etc. Planck made that quote 70 years ago. Moore’s law states that in the last century or so, our technological advances in computing power have doubled every 18 months. That is a whole lot of computing power that scientists use in order to study the universe today that they didn’t have access to 70 years ago. So you take a quote that is 70 years old and divide that by 18 months and you get about 46.67 times that the computing power has doubled. You take 2^46.67 to show how much more computing power we have today versus when that quote was made and you get 1.117 x 10^14 times more computing power today.

I just wish to show that I do not think you can take a quote that is 70 years old and apply it to science. There are many fields in which you could do that, but 70 years in science can make a huge difference to the point that we wouldn’t even recognize many things anymore. I think it would be wise to use a more recent quote from someone else on a science issue.

Science has progressed a bit in 80 years - don’t you think? If there was any magical “force” acting on matter we would have seen it. The biggest problem for religious people is a lack of a mechanism for how a nonphysical thing can interact with the physical. If there was one we would be able to measure and examine it - but there isn’t.

There are many forces in nature we can measure and examine and even explain with experimentation and math. None of them need outside help from magic to exist.

But you can always “Trust in the force TEPO!”… no one is preventing you from thinking that way.

Is it any less magical, that the universe caused itself to exist? Or is it reasonable to say, " It is a bald fact! " ? On the assumption that there is a God who created the universe and all that is in it and keeps it all in existence, why does he have to explain how he does it? Does he who made us owe us a blow by blow explanation? That would seem rather arrogant of us - in my opinion.


So, no wisdom existed before today? Sounds pretty arrogant to me.


You will have to do a lot of studying. Very few really understand either - though many say they do. You certainly aren’t going to learn it on Youtube.


I think Plank had a good argument. Not unlike the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas.


Planck did not write that the force is God. As I read the passage you’ve quoted, he contemplates the laws of nature, and in them seems to discern the existence of the Creator. Joseph Ratzinger (known subsequently as Pope Benedict XVI), among others, wrote along similar lines.

In the press and the popular media, quantum mechanics is too often described as “mysterious” and almost supernatural :confused:, but I think quantum mechanics is not that mysterious. It follows strict laws that can be accurately described by mathematical formulas. It may be confusing to many, but it is simply the way nature is, and it only remains for us to come to a better understanding of it through science.

I hope this does not seem irrelevant, but the docu-drama “What theBleep?!?” supposedly about quantum physics was produced by a cult leader who channels the voice of Ramtha, a 30,000-Year old entity. I know, it sounds weird…read the credits on this movie. I am not making this up.

I bring this to your attention to illustrate that a newish scientific subject or theory can be derailed by someone of not sound mind and/or morals for their own sick platform.

Quantum physics says the universe is porous. Perhaps this is where God works.

Do you think gravity and electricity are magic too…? FYI, forces do not equate to “magic”… So what do you say the force is called that holds atoms together? Why dont they just fall apart instantly?

So you need to add the “magic” straw man and mockery to support your argumentation.

Got it and moving on.

Im failing to understand how our reliance on computers can substitute the creative imagination of the human mind and its natural ability to create and solve. Also, we created the computer.

Maybe the solution to understanding quantum physics can be understood better by not seperating the human imagination from it. Afterall, the human mind can be seen as a manifestation of physics if you really think about it… Our minds are like magnifying glasses. We’re like the diamonds of matter.

Simply put: science attempts to answer “how” but not the “why.” In most theoretical science, there comes a time when the scientist runs up against an unknown that can’t be explained. As those who believe in science like a religion say, “the science just doesn’t have enough data or the math hasn’t been evolved enough to explain”.

God answers the “why” and the “how”; humans are just imperfect so we don’t get it. But God does give us the intelligence so we can keep stumbling forward until, one day, we’ll understand science came from God. God Bless you.

Also, if there is no “force” that holds atoms together, then why do we see nuclear fission radiate out from atoms when theyre split open -as if theyre under pressure and need to be contained. So theres energy that contains and there’s energy wanting to radiate… Two opposing forces working together to maintain balance.

…so what is this energy exactly that radiates -this fission? What effect does this released energy have on its surroundings? It ‘changes’ everything it comes in contact with. Its ‘progressive’ and chain-reactive.

…what is this energy exactly that contains the radiating fission? Its order. It holds. It keeps things the same. Its ‘tradition’.

Here we find the two main forces that are magnified in the human being… Our own internal and external state of being. Our own progressive and traditional dilemmas. We see it individually and as societies as a whole. Its ‘change’ or ‘stay the same’.


Tradition and Progress are the two forces that the human mind deals with on a constant basis. It is everywhere and is everything. Its the republicans and democrats, its in religion, science, politics, societies, television, etc. Do we stay the same or do we change…? Its who and what we are. I’ll try to ‘change’ you right now with this post but you will try to remain the same.

…but if the human mind is the manifestation of matter, then we should be able to look through ourselves to understand the universes processes. We are the diamonds of matter. It took trillions of years to make us since the big bang… We are it. And our minds speak it.

To posit that “If there was any magical “force” acting on matter we would have seen it.” has several problems.

There is nothing “magical” about God. He is supernatural. That means above nature. That means that we have no way to measure something above that which exists in our natural world.

Tell me. How does science measure the love of a mother or father for their children? Can you tell me that it does not exist?

What about a force that is not of nature; a force that created nature itself? How do you measure that force?

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