Understanding the Latin Mass

I have never attended a Traditional Mass, but I would like to. However, I’m a bit hesitant to do so. I hardly know any Latin. I will not know what is going on nor what I should practice while at this form of Mass.

So, I was wondering if you guys could give some advice.

I presume most who attend the Traditional Mass do not know Latin either.

Don’t hesitate, Slayer. I would get a decent Latin-English Missal and study a little bit the Ordinary [unchanging part] of the Mass, to get used to it. It’s also online here:


Remember that this great Liturgy is the fruit of about 1300 years of development, so nobody expects you to learn everything overnight. Best wishes to you.

I have assisted at mass in English, Spanish, Latin, Polish, French, Tagalog, Malayalam, and probably a few other languages. While a translation is very useful for following the readings, I find that the use of a language in which I am not conversant presents less of a barrier than one might expect, because I know the Mass itself. When the Penetential Rite begins, I know it is the penitential rite and think of my own sins even if I do not understand the celebrant’s words. When the Consecration begins, I know it is the Consecration even if I do not understand the words, etc.

I made a few suggestions to someone asking the same question on this recent thread:


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