Understandment through sin?


Hello, I had yet another drop in faith but this time it was different how I sort of ‘bounced back’. I had broken my sin of masturbation for about two weeks and it came back about a week later and the temptation lasted about two-three days after that. Now during just the temptation I felt in a struggle to not sin but on the losing side of it.

Though the strange thing was once I fell into sin again for the final time; after about three mintues I sort of had a self-examine and realized that it wasn’t such an Earthly pleasure worth damning myself for. I didn’t get an empty feeling like other times but more like a spiritual uplifting. It acually felt like “when your on the dirt floor, the Lord will lift your spirit”

Anyways I don’t even have that scruplous thoughts about how it’s too early to Confess or if I am really sorry about my sins. I do feel the shame of the sins and really the point of this topic is to ask what do you call this uplifting of spirit when you have fallen to the lowest point of your sin? I’d like to remention that before this during the temptation part I felt like a mental wreck with this feeling like I had to fight the battle alone, but after falling to IMO the lowest point of sin for myself I could feel as if I was lifted up again to be given another chance.

To end this I would like to mention that I’m feeling much more confident in my struggle against sin, and plan to confess at the first open moment.


Praise and thank God for the grace of knowing that He loves you and will support you in your efforts to continue to try to avoid sin and occasion of sin. May God continue to help you to retrain your heart and mind to see your life and your inheritance His child as infinitely more precious than fleeting enjoyment!

God blessyou, Trishie


Somehow you must believe that doing this behavior affects your relationships with other people. Most things can be stopped if you realize it’s unwholesomeness. If it comes to going to confession every time you sin in this way, then that is what you have to do before you receive the Blessed Sacrament, as it prevents you from having good wholesome relationships with others. You fall and you get back up, but, honestly you need to stop this … start finding other things to do with your hands, with your mind, and with your heart. Find some purity and virtue, see it in others, look for that rather than impurity in life. If you are missing a sexual relationship that you had, as a widow or widower might, I suppose that you might find some other way to grieve that is more wholesome.


“when your on the dirt floor, the Lord will lift your spirit”, I also agreed to your statement. Only peoples who were facing your situation can understand its meaning.

I would like to share my thoughts regarding the fight against this habit. Almost all of the youngers are fighting with this habits. But in my case, I am strongly believed in Jesus and His words. So whenever I did this, I felt that did something against to him. Then suddenly I start to think that, He didn’t care me and started to punish me. And I looked all the failure that were happened on that time with this view.

At the same time, the Evil power starts to gain more strength on our life. But after few days, we started to think about the life that we led with Jesus and will back to Him… If we can think that, He will forgive our sin and HE showed mercy to ours without considering our holliness, then we can get back to Jesus very soon.

And I remembered the 90 days I was with him one time but failed. That means, still I am trying to think that it was because of my power. But it is not and by understanding this, we came to know about how week we are. And thus we need a extra power to live in this world.


Thank you for the comments. I assue the forum that I’ve taken precautions to make sure temptation can not be an influence to me. Besides that I feel I can make the long haul and hopefully be rid of this specific sin for good. Again I give thanks for the advice, and understandment of how it feels to be lifted back to the Lord when you fall to sin.


Late on an additional comment, but, reading the book “Last Catholic in America” by John R. Powers, a fictional account of a boy growing up in chicago in the 1950’s. The 3rd grader gave up thumb-sucking for Lent, and, as he was looking forward to starting it up again on Easter, found it Easter morning, after 40 days of self-control, to be very distasteful and disgusting! My Mother reminisces how I, at the age of 2, would sit on my hands in order not to suck my thumb!


sounds like you’re on your way! keep fighting and eventually you will conquor with the help of Christ. it’s in all of the little battles that the war against sin is won.


So, Flavius, you’ve ruined yourself for marriage. Perhaps in ten years you might be worthy of the Sacrament you’ve sinned against. Moron. Dingus.




So, Flavius, you’ve ruined yourself for marriage. Perhaps in ten years you might be worthy of the Sacrament you’ve sinned against. Moron. Dingus.



Hmm…considering I’ll be 26 in ten years yeah that sounds like a good age for marriage. In the meantime I think I’ll fight the good fight, confess now that I note my error, and let chastity and a love of God grow within me.

Flavius Aetius


Flavius, very good! Faithful has a nice ring to it!




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