Undertaking a Prophetic Mission in Life


How would you lead a prophetic life in your own community?


Curious…what do you mean by this?


? Can you explain what you mean by your question or give us some context?


Typically, with much scorn and persecution.


Indeed. Today’s first reading recalls how the prophet Jeremiah was received (Jer 20).


CCC 904-907 and CCC 785 give us some guidance, and article 35 of Lumen Gentium.

Cultivate in yourself a strong faith, and pray to God for the gift of faith.

Strive to understand the truth which God has revealed through Scripture, Church teachings, and Church Tradition including the Sacraments. Pray to God for the gift of wisdom.

Share that faith and that truth. Evangelize. Spread the Gospel. Let it show in your daily life with your family and in your community, in your deeds as well as your words.

You will encounter resistance. Be strong. Be not afraid. Rely on God, and trust in God. (Hear also today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 10.)


Everyone is undergoing a prophetic mission in life as this is what it means to be a Catholic.

Prayer and discernment.

  1. Move to wilderness

  2. Shear camels and make clothing

  3. Eat honey and locusts

  4. Find a king in an adulterous relationship

  5. Get your mission from God

Isn’t John the Baptist great!


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