Underwater Volcano Erupts, Shaking Ship of Researchers

NY Times:

Underwater Volcano Erupts, Shaking Ship of Researchers

An undersea volcano in the south-central Pacific Ocean erupted directly beneath a California-based research vessel on Sunday, causing a fearful clamor as large bubbles of steam and gas shook the ship, bursting under her hull and in the surrounding water.
In a radio-telephone interview yesterday, Dr. Harmon Craig, chief scientist on the research ship Melville, described how one gigantic bubble pushed six feet above the ocean surface and exploded, shooting out jets of gas and exposing in its core a cluster of 20 or 30 volcanic rocks. Rocks Too Hot to Handle
The rocks were so filled with gas that they floated briefly. It was thought risky to place a small boat in the churning water, but the ship was maneuvered close enough to net a football-sized rock. Dr. Craig said he tried to pick it up but it was too hot to handle.
In a message to the ship’s base, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, affiliated with the University of California at San Diego, Dr. Craig said bubbles bursting in nearby waters and under the hull made ‘‘horrendous clangs and clamors.’’

Any rational person: The ocean is spewing hot gas & rocks at us! Run!

Scientist: Get closer and see if we can grab some! :slight_smile:


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