Underworld 5

I only watched this because I had seen all the other new releases, and I thought it may get back the basics of the original…I was wrong. Underworld series needs to die out. The first was great second was OK, but then it just went off the wall, and the end of 5, they set the stage for a number 6!

Have you seen the others? It’s a pretty good series to me. Not any worse than the other junk they put on anyway. If the francise makes money they use it.

Underworld one was good. UW2 was terrible. UW3 was Ok. The Prequel was ok. The last movie was just bad. They need to let it die. The story was all over the place and ignored the previous movie storyline and then they topped it off my killing off Michael off screen. It was just bad news.

I haven’t seen 5 yet, as I decided to wait until it came to Netflix. I wouldn’t call any of the movies good per se, but they were varying levels of entertaining. I mean you’ve got monsters, guns, Kate Beckinsale in that get-up :blush:, all the things you need! Yet I find it hard to really care about any of the characters or their motivations.

If you compare it to another uneven B-film series with a female protagonist featuring monsters and guns and a willingness to forego continuity between films (Resident Evil), I almost wish Underworld would be more willing to take itself a little less serious and go a bit more over the top. That and stop making everything shades of blue :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Ive seen them all. Upon thinking about it more, my fave was the one with the flying vampire, I think his name was Marcus. I liked how he used the sharp tips of his wings to pin people. I also thought it was hilarious when he first awoke and learned to used a keyboard/ computer, he was typing with those long claws!

Killing Michael was the turning point imo, and I really think the franchise would have been more popular had it been set in a recognizable city/ country, it never really says where they are, but looks to be eastern europe, or maybe even germany.

That was the Werewolf’s brother. That Marcus. Their father was the immortal human. I liked this little series but I’ve only seen 1-2. And the one, whichever it was, with Beckinsale awakening the elder she used to admire. The one that had her birth father killed.

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