Unearthed Video Shows Obama Supporting Late-Term Abortions

Unearthed Video Shows Obama Supporting Late-Term Abortions

Washington, DC – Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack has unearthed an old video from 2003, when President Barack Obama was running for the U.S. Senate from Illinois, in which he defends his position favoring late-term abortions.


I have seen photos of aborted babies and watched an abortion on youtube and it is invasive and barbaric. How can Obama feel no empathy with what a baby must feel if they aborted late term. Evidence says babies feel pain at 8 weeks. By late term senses are stronger

Gianna Jessen survived an abortion at 7 months which was a saline abortion which is injected in to the womb and the baby takes in the saline and burns the baby


These children carry the biggest crosses handed down to them by their mothers choice.

i’ve seen this video,more than once over the last few years.don’t know why anyone thinks this is something new.

Same here. Obama has consistently been proud of his pro choice stance.

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