Please pray that I get a job soon. Each month there has been provision for the basic needs of our house (I’d say miraculously in some cases); but it would be much better to have a job.

It’s been 4 months since I have seriously hunted for work and nothing in sight.

I pray you get work

Follow the Lord, wherever He leads you. He may lead you to another city or state. May. You are in my prayers.

Christ’s peace.

Praying. :signofcross:

May God Bless you with work, I pray. It is very hard for so many people to get/keep work.

Let me share this prayer given to me recently:

Prayer for Employment

Blessed Anthony, our intercessor in times of need, you gave yourself as a tireless worker in the vineyard of the Lord. By our labor we produce the things needed for human life. So our work is honorable and holy and makes perfect the work of God’s creation.

Pray that I may find work which enhances my human dignity, draws me closer to God, and makes my life, as was yours, a real service to my fellow man.

Provide for me while I am in this trial of unemployment. I need your help, blessed friend. Come to my aid."

Hey, that’s very nice. Thank you for posting that.

I am printing it out as we speak. God bless.

Lord, I ask that lead Beachcomber to the job that You have waiting for him/her. Send down Your peace, so that he/she may kno Your peace, and be able to follow Your lead. In Jesus name we pray.

St. Joseph The Worker, please keep Beachcomber in prayer …

In the Living Prayer of my life

Praying for you to find employment. :gopray:

Praying to St. Joseph for you…


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