Unethical coworker -- part 2 (he was fired today)

For those of you who read part 1 of this, he was fired. For those who didn’t, I worked with someone who was fabricating/falsifying his sales numbers every week, for a very long time. We worked on the honor system in my department for a long time, and this coworker would modify the database to show sales numbers that were fictitious. The company put software in place last month, and his unethical behavior was found out…

Ok, so mgmt talked to him, sternly…gave him a warning. So, in looking at our sales numbers last week, something seemed really strange to me. Like unusually high numbers…what he started doing since he was ‘discovered’ was trying to find a way around the new software. Ugh, not sure why he was so foolish, the company was giving him a second chance! :(:shrug:

ANYWAYS…he was fired today. I was not happy about his behavior, he was very toxic to our department–but feel badly for someone who is fired in this economy, especially he is in his late 50’s, and will be competing with people half his age, who will work for much less.

Just wanted to provide you with an update…many of you thought he should be fired, well, he was.

Just sharing!

Good resolution.

Pray he learns a lesson and learns to change. :thumbsup:

In this economy, all you can do is come clean, through yourself on the mercy of your company, and reform yourself.

Hey, that’s good advice for anything, isn’t it?

You know, it’s funny you say that Paul…I was thinking what would I have done if I were him? And I think what happened was, when confronted, he just kept denying and lying…denying and lying…I mean, he was denying that the software was reporting inaccuracies, only in HIS computer? Come on. After a while, you want to help someone, but he didn’t seem to want to come clean.

Anyways, I’ll be praying for him. He wasn’t the only one who was fired in our group, today. A woman who I had become friends with, over the past year.

I thought it odd to fire people mid-week…I always heard that that happens on Fridays?

Long overdue.

Funny how this employer has been willing to give a salaried staff member 2nd, 3rd… 10th chances at ‘reforming’, yet as a group employers lobby to get rid of the minimum wage, annual leave and overtime rates for those paid the least, on wages, who are DOING their jobs.

Hi cynic;

Yeah, I know, I think what happened here is that as all companies right now are doing, is our team finally started looking at the ROI for this man, because of the economy, and for other reasons…and realized that changes were needed. I’ve been in sales and marketing for a while, and it’s really a simple equation, if you are doing the activities that lead to business, you won’t have to falsify your numbers. duh lol

I feel badly for the guy nonetheless, because I’m just that way…even though he ‘deserved’ it I feel like he is just such a lost soul.:frowning:

So somebody who has (according to you) deliberately stolen from his employer, for years, is a misunderstood “lost soul”.


Whatevergirl, I have nothing but admiration for your love of neighbor and long-suffering. But the simple fact is that shirking our duties at work is a very grave matter. cheating our employer is as tolerable as an employer who exploits employees.

What an appropriate username you have.:cool:

I never said misunderstood. lol I said, lost soul. I absolutely think he deliberately did what he did…and there was a consequence to pay for it. I also believe that this was the only way this behavior would stop, because he showed that even with the stern warning, after he was ‘discovered,’ he still continued to lie, albeit to skirt around the new system implemented. Don’t you wonder about people like this? What makes them that way? I don’t believe people are born evil, or whatever…I believe that even though he deserved to be let go for he was undeserving of his job, he was lost. How do you explain it, then cynic? Haven’t you ever done something wrong, because you lost your way? (towards God):frowning:

hi rpp;

I know. I really do know. I am not saying he didn’t deserve the consequence…I suppose I am sad for him, that he did it to begin with–the crazy thing was, he was great in sales…but somewhere along the way, he lost his confidence or something…and of course, took advantage of the employer.

Er, laziness? Where do you begin explaining that. There probably many reasons for it. An inclination to be lazy, especially in a job you have little interest in, is understandable. But to follow that through in action, and blatantly sit there doing nothing for a good portion of the day, while accepting a pay cheque (for years!)? Shameless.

Laziness. I had not thought of that…AT ALL. LOL Ok, yes I agree, he could have been lazy…but it probably took more energy to distort the truth all this time, than just do the work! ha One of my coworkers said…‘arrogance.’ Only an arrogant person would think we were all stupid, and didn’t know what he was doing.

But…all of this can still fall under the umbrella of lost soul.

I know you won’t agree. lol:p

If you put honest effort into something, you are emotionally invested in the outcome. If you fail, or fall short somehow, it will be down to a lack of ability. However, if you put nothing in, who cares - you didn’t really try. But that’s being generous don’t you think, considering someone’s collected what probably amounts to a five figure sum of money over the years, for little in return (according to you).


I meant to say “what *would *amount to…”

Try 6 figures:(, our company pays quite well, the sales/marketing people. And if you’re like me, and actually produce, and bring in $ for the firm, you can really do well…that being said, when you couple salaries with benefits, training time, vacation time, etc…he probably ‘cost’ the company $500k, seriously. I am concerned if he will sue, but he won’t really have any room to win, since the firm has proof now of his behavior.:shrug:

The reason I say sue, is because I was of course sharing this with my husband…and he said that it’s possible that he could claim entrapment. My dh works for Disney, and they are the quintessential employer for implementing efficiencies…like new software tools, etc…so, my dh said…that he could claim that they should have told him about the equipment, and then if he didn’t improve, they could let him go. But, what happened, is it’s been going on for years, (seriously) and new mgmt couldn’t figure out why revenue wasn’t coming in from his reported forecasts…so…they put this ‘tool’ in place to see what was happening, and purposely didn’t tell him. (I knew about it, but was told mums the word)

When I talked to this now ex-coworker–he commented that he was fearful of losing his job, but that he had talked to a lawyer, and he made it sound like he should have been told about the software, as it looks like they wanted to get rid of him, and ‘entrapped’ him. What do I say to that, though? Should have been doing your work, bud. :cool: I mean, why concern yourself with software…if you are selling, and reporting things accurately…who cares if you’re put under a microscope.

Anyways…we’ll see.

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