Unfair question on CNN Republican Debate

I’m with you 100%.

Because most Republicans are running under “The Christian Right”. Makes sense that those particular candidates would have to answer that question, no? I would think that those voting in the Republican primary would want to know who is a hypocrite, pandering to the Left.


Chicago, I also think your comment that some public schools are teaching “creationism” is a mislabelling of what the so called “Intelligent Design” movement in education is trying to accomplish.

There was a federal district court case recently about this in Dover, Pennsylvannia.

I think the proponents of the Intelligent Design movement were just trying to get some sort of short statement (I think it was no more than 3-4 sentences or 2-3 paragraphs) in the science curriculum that there are some scientists that have put forth a theory (what was it?) that because aspects of life on earth are so complex, they **may have been **created by an Intelligent Designer, and these aspects did not evolve over time.

The Intelligent Designer (I.D.) is not identified as being God or any Deity. It could have been an alien.

Creationism was a movement in the 1980’s that wanted to teach the story of Genesis as an alternative scientific theory as to how the world was created and how life was created.

The two movements are not identical, but the mainstream media had their field day and on National Public Radio (the show “Talk of the Nation”) compared the Intelligent Design federal court case with the so-called 1925 Scopes Monkey trial, and said the two movements were the same and wanted to ban the teaching of evolution. Wrong!

More misinformation from the mainstream media.

Again, the I.D. movement just wanted a small statement to be included in the science curriculum; it wasn’t excluding evolution from the science class or throwing evolutionary theory out of the biology class.

There may be one state, Kansas, that may teach what you labelled as Creationism; and then, I think it is only in a few school districts. Anyone from Kansas??

Anyways, I think the MSNBCers or whoever asked this question was just trying to make the Republican candidates look silly. This question still captures the public imagination. It’s really more of a problem for evangelical Protestants than Catholics whether or not they accept evolution; although Pope Benidict XVI has said in public some interesting statements about evolution.

The questioner knows if they answer Yes, it turns off the religious base of the Republican party; if they say No, then it turns off the Libertarians, Liberal Republicans, and Republican Philosophic Pragmatists in the party; and if you try to explain theistic evolution, no one in public school science classes or the media ever talks about that, so most of the general public has never heard of that position, and you only have two minutes to explain it which is hard to do.

O.K., and I don’t want to get in a battle royal over I.D. That’s what the movement is. I don’t really want to sit here and type more about it.

P.S. I find it sort of odd that God, which was considered a Great Idea by the late Mortimer Adler and Robert Maynard Hutchins in their Great Books of the Western World (published by Encyclopedia Britannica) isn’t discussed at all in an “educational system.”

But that is a separate issue because an Intelligent Designer does not necessarily = God.

The reason the original question on evolution was asked is because MSNBC set up a thing on their website where people could suggest questions to ask in the debate. One of the most frequently suggested was whether Sen. McCain believed in evolution (it might have been the second most suggested question.) This came about because Sen. McCain gave a speech either at the Discovery Institute or at a conference that was hosted by the Discovery Institute.

Found this article intriguing in light of this disccusion:


It was a rough afternoon for Charles Darwin’s famed Theory of Evolution as leading Intelligent Design experts from around the country descended on the Kansas State Fairgrounds for a scientific forum and tractor pull. From the start, the deck was clearly stacked in favor of Intelligent Design proponents as evidenced by the abundance of t-shirt bearing various slogans including, “God Made Me, Not Darwin” and “Evolution is Evil-ution”.

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