I’d like to humbly plea you for some prayers.

I’m having some very painful experience. It concerns one girl-friend of mine. We were not going out together so we are not breaking up now, we were just very close. We just used to be good friends.

I just feel like if you had flower you always tried to tend to, water it etc and it dies out. As if you got raped, then forgave that person, but you didn’t want to see the offender because you know how he hurt you. As if you had somebody you really cared for and he spat directly to your face.

It is not something that happened over night. This feeling started a year ago and though I always tried to forgive that person it just happened that during the time you got just more hits between the eyes. This week we kind of argued about these things but finally forgave each other for everything.

I forgave her. We pulled the nails out of the wood. But the stupid holes still remain. I just feel being betrayed by somebody you trusted very much. By somebody that I could say was the person that influnced me the most in my life. I just find it very very very unfair. That’s all.

But perhaps this is true, right?!


I’m very sorry for the pain you are feeling. Relationships are very difficult, and the source of most of the pain we experience while on this earth. Know that you are not alone, and that Christ walked through this very thing himself and is with you now as you walk this road.

I will pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for you.:gopray:


Thank you very much Jeanette


Friendships can go through rough times, but God always sees to it that such times are few and manageable. God will see you through.


Thanks Milliardo


I’m really sorry for what you’re going though. I’ll be praying for you.


Thank you, Mommy!


You are in my prayers, ZEMI! Now go do something that would take your mind off of her, k?


Thank you Mamacita. I always sort of smile when I see your blue font :slight_smile: I’m doing (translating) subtitles to the St. Therese of Lisieux movie now (btw the world’s most favorite saint of that girl-friend of mine… :cool: but i’m still doing well to keep my mind off her. I know that’s what I need…)




Thank you, my friend Zooey


May The Holy Spirit heal your pain…


Hi Zemi, I understand what you mean by rape. I’m still coming to terms with that feeling after many years being hurt by a friend. I’ll be praying for you. :gopray:


Hi and thank you Stitch. I think you got that, but that was only an analogy of how I feel/felt after being treated with the person you cared about much.

Prayers also for you :gopray:


Thanks, Barbara, I much appreciate it…


Dear Zemi - Nothing hurts more than being disconnected from someone we love, someone we have trusted and offered all of our being to. My prayers are with you for whatever the Holy Spirit determines you need to heal. However, we both know Who doesn’t disconnect from us - only we do that to Him from time to time. That is where we need to place our trust. When things are right there, the rest is easier to bear. God bless you! Sandra


Thank you Sandra. God bless you


Zemi praying for you!


Thanks, Nordar!


Zemi, I know what you are going through :frowning: you have my prayers. The feeling will pass.


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