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Hi, so I have done many bad things that I regret but I no longer do any of it. The problem is that thoughts about those things keep on popping up in my head and I have very bad unfaithful thoughts that I can’t stop. What can I do? And is god mad at me for it? Thanks


If you are sincerely trying to stop, God is not mad and He wants to help you stop. Pray to Jesus and Mary each time you have a bad thought. Go to frequent Mass and Adoration.

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Sin means a conscious, free choice to do wrong. You can’t control every unwelcome, intrusive thought that pops into your head. If you’re not deliberately dwelling on these thoughts, you’re not sinning.


True that. It’s when you start to relish in your bad or nasty thoughts it’s where the problem is.


Demons can put thoughts in our minds. Especially blasphemous, evil or sinful thoughts usually of a sexual or violent nature. So often the thoughts don’t really originate with us but we think they do and this makes us feel bad. The demons hope we will despair thinking God could not possibly love or forgive me for this.


If you have repented of past sins, then they are gone. It has been suggested from various Catholic sources that cutting off the unhelpful thought, the moment it comes into one’s head, is a very good idea. Ultimately, pray. Pray the Rosary and make it a daily offering. Ask God, through the intercession of the Holy Mother, to protect you from distractions.


Praying to the Holy Spirit and to St Michael work for me when thoughts pop up,they don’t get any further and I can get busy with other thoughts OP



GodIsGoodAllTheTime: All the time God is good. It would be helpful to know how old you are. Maybe a bit more what the nature of your Unholy Thoughts are. Not details. But Violent? Lust?


A temptation is not a sin.

Consenting to eventually committing a temptation, or deliberately taking enjoyment out of a temptation in thoughts, (if deliberate/ freely committed, in full freedom, is a mortal sin). For Jesus did say it is possible to just commit adultery in the heart.


We can’t help our thoughts. Just let them pass on by when they come to you. That’s what I try to do when something negative pops into my mind. I try not to dwell on the thought/s.

As the others have already said, pray. Pray to Our Lord, Our Lady, the Saints, and to your Guardian Angel and the other Holy Angels for their help and intercession. We have a whole heavenly community that is available to help us. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, God is not mad at you. He knows our human weaknesses, and you have stopped and don’t commit those sins.

Try not to worry. God bless you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh okay thank you so much


Very good that you are aware of this and do not want it. When the thought comes just tell yourself you do not want it and that it is not a part of you. Better still pray at the moment, maybe the Hail Mary, to ask Mary to intercede for you to overcome such thought. And the Our Father, to ask God to help us against the temptation of the Evil One.

Remember that if you do not want it, it will not be able to impose itself on you. Sin will only be committed when we agree to it.

So don’t worry. It is normal to have bad thought but as a child of God, it is not part of us and by the same token we reject it.

We belong to Jesus, not the Evil One.

God bless .


There was a story from the Fathers of the Desert. There was a man who in order to satisfy his curiosity killed a pregnant woman and cut open her stomach to see what it looked like. Almost immediately he was filled with compunction for what he did and he went to the desert to do penance. After a year of continuous prayer he still felt the agony. The Abba told him that God accepted his penance and he was forgiven but that as part of his penance he would feel the agony for the rest of his life.


Maybe this video can help (about the unholy thoughts not the pangs from conscience which can only be solved through the Sacraments of Confession and Eucharist and personal effort of not repeating those sins again).


A FANTASTIC book is:
‘Unbound’ by Neal Lozano
Or listen to a complete video on youtube of one of his talks on prayer/ deliverance (of bad thoughts)

He is a catholic nephew of Fr Michael Scanlan of Steubenville university, (both strong catholics in the catholic deliverance ministry, and the Catholic Deliverance ministry is approved by the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission into the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.)


You are human and temptations happen to human beings.

Temptations are not a sin.

What would be a mortal sin under the three conditions would be: Agreeing with/ consenting to those thoughts/ deciding to commit mortal sins/ taking deliberate enjoyment out of imagining mortal sins (as Jesus stated adultery can be committed in the heart).


Hello! I too struggle with the same thing and by seeking advice from my family, I learned that they too share similar weaknesses. They helped me understand that we are all human and that we all go through the same thing, the difference is what we do to change ourselves for the better.

My sister told me about praying a devotion to Mother Mary that Saint Alphonsos really encouraged people to do when praying for purity. All you do is say three Hail Mary’s in the morning and night and say, “Oh pure and Immaculate Conception, make my body pure and my soul holy.”

If you google it, there’s a little article on it with more information. I’m not sure if this will solve your problem, but it definitely has helped me whenever I have impure thoughts!

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