Unification Church

Are the Moonies Christian? All I remember is that some AIDS dissident and Unification Church member named David Wells is part of that Church.

No, they are not Christian. The believe that Jesus failed and that Moon came as the new Messiah. They have very little in common with us.

Could you please point out some of the differences between Catholics and Moonies?

Also, I think David Wells wrote several books promoting intelligent design and he got a doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology from Berkeley so he could destroy Darwinism.

There are so many I scarcely know where to start. They deny the Trinity, Divinity of Christ, Incarnation, Redemption, Scripture, Church, Tradition, Sacraments, Creeds, Cross, and pretty much everything else. The believe that Moon is the lord of the second advent ie. the messiah, his book the “divine principle”, mass marriages which alleged make perfect families (didn’t work for Moon himself), and a few years ago Moon supposedly had a vision where everyone in heaven was cheering him like a Korean soccer star. It is a very odd and cult like group. Right now it is very small in the US and many members tend to leave after a few years.

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