Unifying Waters


“A relatively new church ritual brings Unitarian Universalist congregants together”


“Worshippers celebrate their reunion after summer travels, with members taking turns pouring containers of water they collected from vacations or other events into a communal bowl. They explain why the water is special to them.”

I can’t get over this one.

  1. Move over, Zwingli, you’ve been outdone (he was the Reformation-era priest who declared that the Real Presence was not so, but that it was merely symbolic).

  2. What powerful evidence to the contention that all people need ritual in their religion. Just happened to see this recently in the link in the second post, by wigglebrick, in this thread forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=173597&highlight=brave+new+world+envoy

  3. Now that the Unitarian Universalists (UU) have a ritual, Katy bar the door! They’ve left themselves wide open for schism. Oh yes, we’ll see Tap Water UU’s, Dry UU’s. They may even end up squabbling.

  4. Yet, the references to “children’s dedication” and “self-blessing” show that they’ve been at this ritual stuff for some time (more evidence for #2).

  5. Taken all by itself, the water communion is a nice little thing. Yet, lest you find me praising it, the reason why I find it nice is exactly the same as one of the same reasons why the Eucharist is wonderful. It’s expressed in the hymn One Bread, One Body, if I correctly remember the words: Grain for the fields/scattered and sown/gathered to one for all"

Okay, enough.

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