Uninsured Get $56 Billion in Free Care

Uninsured Get $56 Billion in Free Care

WASHINGTON - Americans who go without health insurance for any part of 2008 will spend $30 billion out of pocket for health care and they will get $56 billion worth of free care, according to a report released on Monday.

Government programs pay for about three-quarters, or roughly $43 billion, of the bills for these uninsured people, Jack Hadley of George Mason University in Virginia and a team at the Urban Institute reported.

“Physicians’ donated time and forgone profits amount to $7.8 billion. After government payments to hospitals are subtracted, private philanthropy and profit margins are responsible for at least an additional $6.3 billion,” they wrote in the report, published on the Internet at healthaffairs.org/.


What would Jesus think?

What was omitted in the OP that I think was important:

“From society’s perspective, covering the uninsured is still a good investment. Failure to act in the near term will only make it more expensive to cover the uninsured in the future, while adding to the amount of lost productivity from not insuring all Americans,” Hadley said in a statement.

On average, an uninsured American pays $583 out of pocket toward average annual medical costs of $1,686 per person, Hadley’s team reported in the journal Health Affairs. The annual medical costs of Americans with private insurance average far more – $3,915, with $681, or 17 percent, paid out of pocket, the report found.

“The uninsured receive a lot less care than the insured, and they pay a greater percentage of it out of pocket. Contrary to popular myth, they are not all free riders,” Hadley said.

I doubt many people will click that link so I will have to say it.

I caouldn’t show the whole thing without the mods slapping me.

What would be a good investment too is to help them stay away from risky lifestyles, drinking to excess, smoking, exposure to pesticides and the like. This would save big bucks.

I think this is a good thing that the uninsured still have access to health care. Far more still gets spent on welfare for the rich than welfare for the poor.

And there are states that make public employees who smoke and are obese pay additional premiums because these are lifestyle choices that raise costs.


please explain this…

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