Unintended Consequence

Recently, while taking my dog for her daily walk, I found myself being sexually aroused by my clothing rubbing me a certain way with each step I took. This was certainly not intended, but I admit the feelings were pleasurable. It continued for several minutes as I had to continue walking to get home. I do not believe I sinned as this was not intentional, but am troubled by the fact it was pleasurable. What is most upsetting is the thought of bringing up this embarrassing story in the confessional “just to be safe”. Sometimes I feel that my Catholic faith has caused me to be obsessively concerned about eternal damnation for some of the most ridiculous reasons. What are your thoughts?

If scrupulous thoughts are starting to dominate, get help from your pastor and not for this specific thing but for the fact that you seem to frequently think random happenings are sins.

We are designed by God (we are in His image when) we are male and female in a permanent union open to life. Sexual union not only provides for procreation but also for the unity of the married couple.

The sex drive doesn’t have a power switch. Chastity is a virtue where you control this powerful gift God gave us and conform it’s use to God’s will for us given our state in life. Like any other virtue it takes practice.

Sexual arousal in and of itself is not a sin. Choosing not to use your sexuality according to God’s plan is.

Wear something else and don’t worry about it. And if you do worry about, refer to 1ke, forum master.

Before anyone asks, I’m speaking as a mom, not a priest…

1ke and Antigen, you both offer good advice. I was beginning to think I was suffering from the thing they call “Catholic guilt”. A healthy amount of guilt is good, too much is not.

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