Unintentional Consecration To Mary?

Today for some reason, I thought about a night when I feared I might have unintentionally consecrated myself to Mary. I was praying the chaplet of virtues, which I had done before, but for some reason the first time(s) I prayed it, I either didn’t notice the consecration prayer, or thought it was simply a prayer asking Mary to pray that my actions be used for the good of the kingdom. I don’t think I meant for it to truly be a solemn dedication that went any further than a prayer to Mary. I read it that night, but with the same intention even though I knew a bit more about Marian consecration. I said the words but I think I probably meant them as not a full consecration to Mary, but rather just as I had meant them the first times I had prayed the chaplet. Honestly, I wasn’t ready for consecration to
Mary, and I still am not.

Is this prayer a prayer of total consecration to Mary?

Did I consecrate myself unintentionally?

If I did, do I have any obligations that go along with this prayer?

As most of you know, I suffer from scruples. It is getting better, because since speaking with a priest, I have learned to simply pray for acceptance of my weaknesses, and then stop thinking about the scrupulous thought that is bothering me. Sometimes I worry that I justify my sins, even more serious ones, but I try to trust that God will stand by me as long as I long to be able to do His will.

I read a previous thread from someone in a similar situation. The responses seemed to suggest a theme of how could you not have sensed the seriousness of the prayer?. I honestly feel as though I probably didn’t know the full extent of the prayer. I tend to be careful about consecration/vows as they are an OCD theme for me and tend to stress me out.

Did I need FULL intention in order to make it valid, as I would with a vow?

I do not wish to be uncharitable, but How old are you? I think you need to have someone talk some sense into your head and show some maturity in your thinking.!
It is absolutely impossible for anyone to dedicate themselves to anyone or anything without intending it. This has nothing to do with scrupulosity, I do think you are mistaking piety for superstition, and you really need to talk to a priest about this.
Get a little gumption and go to your rectory and make an appointment with a priest and discuss this with him.
Besides, what is so bad about dedicating yourself to the Holy Mother? It is not as if you are taking a perpetual vow of chastity or something. Please, talk to a priest about this!

Making a vow requires intention, just like taking the vow of celibacy or the vows in marriage. If the intention isn’t there, then it renders the vow invalid.

I appreciate your advice. These are the replies I was anticipating. I don’t know why I frequently allow myself to worry when I know people will say I am worrying for nothing.

Thank you George for your insight. I know many people find I frequently have difficulties thinking with a mature mind, but I do not think as others do, for cognitive reasons beyond my understanding.

I would like to respectfully disagree with you that this has nothing to do with scruples (at least in my case). For me, my scruples come from OCD, a part of which is my obsessive thoughts about making vows and promises (this was confirmed by a priest). I make “vows” without thinking and then stress over them. I brush off most of them with a prayer these days at the advice of a priest, since they are unintended. My questions about this topic stem only from a previous thread here where the general attitude I read was that you could not possibly pray the prayer without meaning the consecration, no matter the intention behind the words, since the wording is so clear.

I realize there is nothing wrong with consecration to our loving Holy Mother. I believe that it is a beautiful thing, but at the same time, not something to be done lightly. It was the regulations and obligations behind the consecration, not the spiritual aspect of it, that bothered me most if that makes sense. The idea of having consecrated myself without knowing fully what that meant also panicked me.

The priests I have talked to seem unable to help for long-term fixes for the most part. One said that even though he has training with spiritual direction, he cannot give me help in this problem as my thoughts like this are linked to OCD, which is a mental, not a spiritual problem. I would love to seek professional counselling, but have neither the time nor the finances. :frowning:

Again, that you for your advice.

Consecration to Mary? Go for it!!!

Actually its not always a good idea to do a total consecration if you have OCD (coming from somebody who has it), as it can very easily become a powerful obsession that actually takes away from one’s spiritual life. This is something I have witnessed in myself.

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