Unintentionally ate some meat on rFiday

I am in The RCIA program and will become a fully fledged Catholic at Easter vigil. However, I inadvertently ate some meat on Friday. I was rushing out the door when I saw some left over chicken from the previous evening on the kitchen counter and without thinking took and ate a small piece. It was at lunch when I was specifically ordering fish from the menu that I realized what I had done.I Have I committed a mortal sin? What should I do to rectify the situation?

The commissin of a mortal sin requires:
*]A grave matter
*]Full knowledge
*]Full consent of the will
One cannot *inadvertently *commit a mortal sin.


I’ve actually done the same thing! Sometimes it is difficult to remember. I can say that if you’ve done it once, then you’re much more aware of the situations from then on. :slight_smile:

But no, it is not a mortal sin. A moral sin requires full knowledge that you are sinning. If you were not thinking about what you were doing and did not intentionally decide to eat meat on Friday, then it is not a mortal sin.

Exactly, there is no problem, don’t worry!

The only problem that I could see, since what you did was done without thinking, is totally temporal. Chicken left out of refrig. or oven for more than 45 minutes can become a potent conduit for germs to breed. If you are physically fine tho’, I see no problem.

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