Union of Man and God


Man was made to be in union with God. As the Son is in union with the Father so man, being made in the image of the Son. was made to be in union with the Trinity.
Since the beginning of man’s creation, man has felt God, understood God and heard His voice.

In the past people who wanted to serve God did in their hearts by following God’s voice. The old testimate is full of examples of people who loved and served God.

These people although they served God, they had a problem, as do all people who serve God, but do not have Jesus. In their hearts they serve God but in their physical actions they do not have God in their realm. They cannot do things straight or directly to God. Jesus solves this problem. Jesus brings God straight into our realm of serving. He is the light of the world. He is the truth of the world. He who wants to make his actions in line with God loves the Son. With Jesus the servant of God can physically do things straight to God in his or her actions. With Jesus being God in our world one can serve Hiim inside everyone one meets. He is there. He is really really there.

As Mother Teresa says, “The poor are Christ in disguise”. With Jesus the servants of God have so much more than servants of God that don’t have Jesus. With Jesus the servants of God have life as they do things straight to God and this is the will of God. The Spirit waters flow in those who obey.

He who does what is true comes to the light that his deeds may become manifested as having been wrought in God.

Praise the Lord!!

He who wants to drink, Let Him Drink!!!

Love in Christ


I agree
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Amen:D I like this thread! Argument free (as of yet…)


Hi, I am happy you agree with this. This view seems so uncommon in today’s Christianity.

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