United Methodist Church Employees' Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs to Increase Due to Obamacare

A man looks over the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare) signup page on the HealthCare.gov website in New York in this October 2, 2013 photo illustration. The federal government’s portal logged over 2.8 million visitors by afternoon October 2, largely in an attempt to sign up for Obamacare.

The United Methodist Church will soon implement changes to its employee insurance coverage that will increase out-of-pocket expenses due to the Affordable Care Act.

In late August the Board of Directors for the UMC General Council on Finance and Administration agreed to revise the insurance coverage for bishops and general church employees.

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I’m not employed by the Methodist Church, but I hate Obamacare. My health insurance went from a very affordable $39.00/month to $274.00/month, which I can still afford, but it’s a ridiculous jump, and now it doesn’t pay for half the things it paid for when it was $39.00/month. Meantime people who won’t work are receiving Obamacare for free, i.e. at the taxpayers’ expense. I hope whoever our next president is, he or she get rid of Obamacare, though it’s not going to be that easy.

… with a convenient new stop at Planned Parenthood added! Not due to the Church though.

This is not an anomaly. IMO. This kind of thing was the “point”.

The rest of “the spear” is to come.

Welcome to how many in the middle and upper classes have been impacted by AHCA. My premiums went up by 40% in the last 2 years. Add in increases to copays, deductibles, and coinsurance (that I have never had in the last 20 years) and my wife and I will be paying almost 10 times more to have this baby then the child we had 3 years ago.

Guess the way to pay for that “free” birth control is to stick it to those that are actually ensuring that there is an American population in the next 30 - 40 years.

In reality the only ones who win with AHCA is the insurance companies who claim they need to raise prices to cover more people, yet are paying out less per person than they did just 3 years ago.

It’s actually a fairly recent innovation for insurance to pay for childbirth, period - at least for small businesses. Our first 4 kids, born from 1981 to 1990, were all out of pocket because our employers did not provide maternity coverage. As dependents, the children were covered for medical expenses after they were born, just not the pre-natal care or labor and delivery (because having babies is not a “medical illness”).

Interestingly, if you consider the childbirth expense as a percentage of income (and we didn’t make much!) it was more affordable than it is now. Seems like the adage is true - that which is insured becomes more expensive.

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