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I got an “emergency” call to deal with the United Pentecostals. They are a “Jesus only” church that denies the Trinity. Very rabidly anti-Catholic. Their pastor has gone after the Catholics in the parish and is coming to an RCIA class to “save” one of his flock who might be going the other way. The priest asked me to come and work my cestusdei charm. This guy is really going to love me, lol. Your prayers are appreciated and if anyone has any advise on the UP’s post it by noon tomorrow. Thanks.

Prayers you got, buddy. Good luck. Maybe you can charm the pastor into listening for a while. Might get him to thinking.

Contact the UP inquirer in the class and ask how he feels about the UP pastor showing up. He/she is likely to feel intimidated and threatened. Get a sense of what interpersonal dynamics may underlie this particular situation; surely this is not the first person ever to leave this pastor’s congregation. Is there hanky-panky? Is this person a major contributor? Is this person a valued leader?

Then call (or better, visit the pastor on his own turf) and tell him your inquirer’s feelings. Explain that RCIA is for serious inquirers to learn about the faith, and not an appropriate venue for his rescue operation; he can do that on his own time. Ask him how he would feel if you came to his inquirers class to reclaim a fallen-away Catholic.

Ask him what he thinks he has to fear. If the Catholic Church is so patently the Synagogue of Satan, then the inquirer he is so eager to save will see it for what it is and come running home. See how the temperature rises or falls. Be careful with taking the conversation further because he can turn it around on you.

If you allow him to attend at this time, and he becomes distruptive, you are setting yourself up for a headline: Catholic Church Forcibly Ejects UP Pastor! He may be deliberately setting you up for just such a situation.

If he seems decent, you might explain that if he wishes to attend the class next year on the same terms as anybody else – merely as an respectful inquirer – he may do so provided he is courteous and does not dominate nor disrupt the class.

Massage his ego. Talk to him man-to-man, Christian-to-Christian, fellow clergyman-to-fellow clergyman. If you visit him in person, take him a gift that won’t threaten him – a *Catechism – *and perhaps a Catholic devotional book on the Holy Spirit, since these guys are Pentecostal, so even if they don’t believe in the Trinity, they do believe in the Holy Spirit . . . If you have a souvenir from the Holy Land, that might be a little bridge maker.

Before you talk to the UP pastor, spend an hour with the Blessed Sacrament.

In this case the inquirer asked the UP pastor to come with him. The Catholic pastor agreed. But then decided to call in the “big guns” ie. me. The inquirer is a former Catholic engaged to the UP pastors daughter which makes this a really fun situation. I should write this one up for This Rock.

Second only behind who the new pope is, we’re anxiously awaiting your next report on the outcome of the meeting.

(bump) Cest, the suspense is killing us. I got the impression your meeting was yesterday. When do we get a report?

Yeah CD, this one I just gotta hear.

Ces tell us what happened:ehh: This is cruel and unusual punnishment:nope: We are hanging by threads here:bigyikes:

Maybe he’s just messing with us and enjoying watching us grovel until he decides to tell.

Maybe the UPs are holding cest for ransom. . .

[quote=geezerbob]Maybe he’s just messing with us and enjoying watching us grovel until he decides to tell.

You think?:confused: How cruel can you be Ces:crying: Wa!wa!Wa!:crying: We want to know:bigyikes: Look what your doing to us!http://pages.prodigy.net/indianahawkeye/newpage45/20.gif

Sorry to say, but the guy backed out. Must have heard about me. Sigh. BUT on the bright side several of his soon to be Catholic parishioners were there. One of them has already contacted me for further information. Another left very quiet and shaken. Thinking very very hard. They had never seen a priest slinging Bible verses like that before. I was on a role with the election of Benedict. Talk about a natural high! The parish wants me to come back and do a program for the whole parish. Of course they will let the UP pastor know he is welcome to attend, hee hee. I am still hungry for fundy. If it works out I will let you know. Maybe after a few of his flock swim the Tiber he will want to take a shot at the ole’ cest.

You’re gonna conduct and old fashioned revival in a Catholic church? Would love to be there for that!

This is too late I guess.

You say a Pastor of the UP is coming to the Catholic Church or meeting rooms to rescue on of his ex-members.

First since you are in charge - you lay down the rules of “interference” BEFORE he interrupts. After all it is a Catholic training class - it IS NOT the place for a Pentacostle to spout his mouth off. If I was a student in the class I just might usher him outside or worse.

Do any Catholic Priests go in a Pentacostle Church and try to evangelise?..NO! The Pastor is in the wrong place. Tell him to have some consideration for the students. Have him make an appointment with his lost soul.

So did the inquirer back out or his future father in law? I hope the inquirer keeps coming. How very cult-like to monopolize a person in that manner.

Cest - I know you have a special relationship with His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. I’m so thrilled he was elected, and you were the first person I thought of after the announcement! :slight_smile:

so UPs are a “Jesus only” church that denies the Trinity? obviously they believe in the Holy Spirit with the name Pentacostal, and they have to believe in God…so does this mean that they just don’t believe the Three are equal?

and cestusdei- my uncle is a catholic priest too. where are you from, if you dont mind my asking? and where do you know our new pope from?

Some United Pentecostals are not like those that you describe. Most of the ones I have met sincerely dedicated people. They don’t believe in the Trinity because they say it is not explicitly mentioned in scripture. They are modalists and believe that The Father, Christ, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all God, but are one person wearing three “hats” if you will. One of the most famous United Pentecostal is TBN Televangelist T.D. Jakes.

[quote=geezerbob]You’re gonna conduct and old fashioned revival in a Catholic church? Would love to be there for that!

Boy Howdy! Me too!!!

I was invited to go to a UP church. I will never go back. I was a fearin for my life! :eek:
I had about 15 poeple around me, touching me and shaking and the “pastor” had his hand on my forehead, a woman on each side holding my hands up in the air. And they were saying let the spirit come in and speak in tounges. All I could do is I had my eyes crossed looking at his hand on my forehead shaking my forehead. I saw some people “faint” so I thought I would try that. I made a fake noise and faked a faint. :thumbsup:
I should have just walked out but I was overwhelmed with fear.


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