United States Air Force


As the Coordinator for the Catholic Community at USAF Lakenheath Suffolk UK I would urge prayers foe the USAF Families whose spouces may at any on time be dfeployed to the trouble zones of the world for 6 months at a time away from their families who themselves are away from their suppport familes back in the States. The pressure upon family life during and after the deployment is quite profound and leads to mant issues between husband and wife and Mom/Dad and the children.We should pray earnestly for them that the Lord will protect the USAF folks whilst in the troubled areas of the world and for the families who go through all kinds of anxiety pangs.
May the Good Lord keep them safe from all harm.


Praying for all our brave warriors!


Lord Jesus, please hear this prayer. Amen.


Jesus please ensure the welfare and unity of families who are separated by service or distant employment


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