United States: From denominations to pews, why the death penalty divides many Christians. A Report


"While it is not the only factor that affects views on state-sanctioned executions, religion does have an impact. The Pew survey breaks down support and opposition by religious affiliation:

73 percent of white evangelical Protestants support the death penalty; 19 percent oppose it.
61 percent of white mainline Protestants support it; 30 percent oppose it.
53 percent of Catholics support it; 42 percent oppose it."


Locked in 3-2-1…


The Moderator has asked that no threads be created on the death penalty topic at present. All such threads will be locked.


What’s the deal with locking threads on the death penalty? So far I have only seen positive discourse.


Of the 50 or so threads that have been created, eventually they turn south. This morning Moderator declared a moratorium on threads dealing with the topic, and requested people get the word out.

I do notice several suspensions, and of the threads I was personally monitoring, very unkindly posts were happening.


As noted, there’s a moratorium on this subject. Please provide a link to Jimmy Akin’s helpful article when flagging such threads. Good reading for all concerned.



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