United States: How the Presidential Election Taught Me Detachment. An article

We are called to abandon our desires into the hands of God our good Father, trusting that he will provide for us. His provision may not be what we thought we wanted, but he is focused on our eternal well-being in a way that does not always make sense in this temporal world.

Let us put our leaders and the election results in the hands of God, trusting that whatever happens, we can trust Him.


I’ve pretty much been doing this. Like everyone else I prayed a lot before the election and asked Jesus, Mary and Joseph to please just handle it and they said they would take care of everything, so trusting in God at this point and putting it in his hands since I can’t do anything about it either way (except continue to pray of course) would seem to be the logical response. Thy Will Be Done.

It’s fine to be interested in politics and work to change things you don’t like, but I always feel like some people get way overinvested in it when they should be putting God first, not politics first. That’s not directed at anyone on this forum, I am thinking more of people I know in real life.

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