United States Led Entire World In Reducing CO2 Emissions In 2019

I think this would qualify as World News :slight_smile:

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The report says that the EU decreased more in both absolute terms (Gt) and in terms of percentage.

Great article. It seems that “man-made” climate change advocates should give President Trump some credit for this.
When a leftist criticizes the United States for its CO2 emissions, and he or she does not criticize China or India (the worst offenders), that might speak to the ACTUAL true intentions of “man-made” climate change extremists.

Wow! That’s great!

I know a lot of people in my very conservative circle of acquaintances who have added or plan to add “green-friendly” features to their homes, or purchased or are seeking to purchase cars that are more environmentally-friendly.

This would include me and my husband. We’re seriously looking into adding solar panels. Not a big deal and it won’t save the world. But it’s a recognition that there are things we can do.

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It’s as simple as growing and maintaining a lawn. Plant some bushes too. Get that carbon out of the air. Talk to your plants. :slight_smile:

Oh, now I feel guilty! No wonder the climate is messed up–every plant I go near croaks! Even my peace lily, and those things usually live even in the darkest corners of churches!

It’s all my fault. And I don’t understand it–my mother once made a stick grow, and my dad was a farmer. Somehow, the “plant nurturer” genes skipped me.


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