United States: Minnesota Bishops Defy State Governor, Declare Restrictions "Unreasonable," Eucharist "Necessary."

see http://www.pagadiandiocese.org/2020/05/22/showing-backbone-minnesota-bishops-defy-state-declare-restrictions-unreasonable-eucharist-necessary/

With the shopping malls and other business establishments now reopening with no specific protocols mandated, they ask, “How can reason require us any longer to keep our faithful from the Eucharist?”

The prelates have written an open letter announcing plans to resume public Masses beginning May 26, in defiance of lockdown restrictions set by the state’s governor, Tim Walz.

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The governor and bishops reached agreement to let them reopen at 25% capacity. They were going to open at 33% capacity if they defied the order, so it seems like a reasonable compromise to me.

Frankly, any governor in USA who lets shops reopen and doesn’t let churches reopen at reasonable capacity will suffer for it. Christians in USA don’t take that stuff lying down, thank God.

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