United Way ok to support?

Every year I put on a pancake breakfast in the Church for United Way before they go out to work in the neighborhood. I have heard that UW has connections to abortion. Is it true and if so, is it enough of a connection to warrant severing ties with them?



I won’t give them a dime. In this town they refused to allow Boy Scouts to be one of their ‘approved’ organizations because they will not allow homosexual scoutmasters yet they DO give money to Planned Parenthood.

Also UW has very high admin costs. They have become a bloated bureaucracy.

Lisa N

No. The United Way is not a charity, it is a distribution point for other charities of which you may, or may not, agree: such as the Rainbow Coalition, or the Southern Christian Conference (both are left wing fronts).

The United Way also uses 60% of its donations to run itself, then distributes the rest to leftist political fronts.

It also uses its money as a weapon by threatening to withhold funds from agencies which are not politically correct; such as the Boy Scouts or the Boys & Girls Clubs.

The United Way has a scandal ridden past and I wouldn’t give them a penny.

[quote=Kevin Walker]No. The United Way is not a charity.

Amen! The UW administrative cost is embarrassing and does zero good except to distribute money to real charities who still have their won administrative cost.

The employees of UW make more than the real charity employees. This organization is more about control of the power of the purse strings than helping others.

Also I will point out one of their tactics to fool people into thinking they can direct donations through UW to organizations they approve and thus reduce the amount going to organizations they disapprove. For example a friend of mine wanted her donation to go to a crisis nursery and NOT to PP or other abortion provider so she put this designation on her form.

But what happens is that this does not reduce the amount given to PP, it simply takes more from another undesignated donation. They have some strange formula for deciding how much to give to which organizations but believe me, you cannot designate your donations to prevent abortion or homosexual groups from getting the $$$. When they banned the Boy Scouts in this town it backfired. People PULLED millions of dollars from UW and gave to organizations they designated. At this point UW is hanging by a thread here and BSA is doing better than ever. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people :wink:

Lisa N

The mental health agency I work for receives some funding from the United Way, which I suppose at least in part pays for my salary. But having read about their ties to pro-abortion groups and the like, I’ve never donated to them and do not plan to.

Actually Lisa, it does not reduce ANY donation to other charities other than in extreme situations. If they designate that charity X should get $100 (it would be bigger numbers usually), and you donate $25 and stipulate charity X, then they send the money there but only give it $75 more - so it still only gets $100. Only in the case where so many contributions were designated for chairty X that it becomes more than they budgeted have you helped influence a change.

This is why I will never contribute to them either - just send your own money where you want.

I agree with all the reasons given here for not giving to the United Way. I have not and never will give. When the appeal came around at work (I have not seen them in years) I alway put down zero. A couple of tiimes they tried to strong arm me without success.

There are very few charities I will give to and I do that directly.


The United Way is a bunch of thugs that tries to intimidate
people at work into giving to an organization that supports
murder of the innocent. For me, they are not worth even
the consideration of any of the fruits of my labor and God-given

For me, contributing to United Way is gravely wrong.

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