Unity between Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox

How close is union between the Oriental Orthodox Churches, and the Eastern Orthodox Churches?

What barriers are there against union?

What is the current state of affairs between the two Churches now that persecution seems to be ratcheting up in the Middle East?

Well now they both have Alexandrian Popes named Theodore II…that’s something, right? :smiley:

Seriously, though, they’re not any closer to union now than they were in 1990 when the joint statements came (see this site for more on the history of the talks between the two). Limited local/pastoral agreements have been signed (e.g., a mixed Coptic/Greek couple can receive at either church within the territory of Alexandria), which is good, but there is nothing new to point to at a supranational level.

The only major doctrinal difference would be on the chalcedon. Does Christ has one nature or two natures united by the one person? Perhaps im ignorant but i can’t think of any major difference preventing recommunion.

There is also the difference between the theology on the wills of Christ, right? Don’t non Chalcedonians teach one will?

I don’t know, but I assume if they hold that there is one nature that there must also be one will. I think thats problamatic however with verses that indicate Christ does not have all knowledge.

Unless I’m mistaken, I was under the impression that the controversy with Christ’s nature between the Chalcedons and non-Chalcedons was mainly linguistic/semantics.

In some Eastern Orthodox monasteries / seminaries, Bishops even allow the Oriental Orthodox to commune from our chalices. According to a nun who is now residing in my parish, this happened recently in Detroit. The Churches are very closely linked (I believe much closer than Orthodox and Catholic) and may very well enter into communion during this lifetime.

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