Unity Candle

I’ve seen some posts mention the unity candle and how it shouldn’t be a part of a “traditional” Catholic Wedding. I assume that is has “crept” into the Catholic Celebration over the years. While it may not be included in the official rubrics of the Sacramentary, is it specifically prohibited? I don’t know what the harm is, quite frankly. Why is this kind of thing so arbitrary from one parish to another? It seems to be a perfectly acceptable practice to lay roses at the feet of Mary while a Marian Hymn is sung. I doubt that is in the Sacramentary either. What gives??

. I assume that is has “crept” into the Catholic Celebration over the years

Crept is such an antagonistic way of putting it.

Traditions change, and apparently this is one which a lot of spouses find meaningful. Other new traditions have come down the line over the years as well, I don’t think its something covert, as “crept” would imply.

Some people have the attitutde that if it is not in some rule book, then it is prohibited. Both the unity candle, which is a symbol of the two becoming one flesh, and laying roses, or the bride’s boquet before the statue of Mary, which speaks to purity, are acceptable and niether is in the rubrics. the marriage isn’t a “free ofr all”, but if one chooses to be so anal that one would not allow the bride and groom to kiss at the end of the ceremony, then there isn’t much help available.

Some people think the unity candle is sappy - and it may be - but there is nothing the Church teaches that says sappy is bad, or immoral, or a violation of the rubrics.

If it fits, do it. If it doesn’t fit, don’t do it. In the mean while, don’t stress about it; there are much more important aspects of the wedding, and married life, to worry about.

It doesn’t belong, and here’s why:


Save it for the reception.

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