Unity Publishing?


Does anyone know anything about Unity Publishing? Rick Salbato is the person who seems to represent this organziation. Is it a one-man operation, perhaps?

For some reason I thought this was one of the “good” places for Catholic info. Then I read an article by Salbato and I was alarmed at what seemed to be gross lack of charity and also many personal accustions (of things like motives) aimed at another Catholic, which seemed hard to substantiate. I did not get a good feeling. I was surprised it was associated with Unity Publishing, when I did not have a negative view of Unity before. (what I read really promoted disunity). Maybe this organization is not what I thought?

P.S. I was so troubled by the uncharitable nature of what I read that I do not want to disuss that. I am just asking about Unity Publishing.



I’ve never really had a problem with Rick Salbato or Unity Publishing. Rick and I have emailed back and forth on a few occasions. Admittedly, I don’t read every article on his website, but what I have read is usually agreeable to me.

Could you PM me the link to the article you found distasteful? I’m curious.


I can’t even figure out what that site is about… I am on antihystamines today, so I’m a bit thick but… yeah, what is that?



I’m familiar with his works and while he may point out some good things, it is the tone caused me to blow him off.

Jesus didn’t teach with the kind of tone that is exemplified in many of the writings there. Some of it could pass as gossip and hearsay.

I often referenced that site for the material that they had on Medjugorje, but those things were speeches from bishops or others that they happen to have on their website. Rick Salbato’s works are another story.

I have some serious issues with some of the material there because it just sounds overly paranoid.

I use a general guide for myself personally. I won’t get behind any private revelation that is not fully sanctioned by Holy Mother Church just because it is easy to get caught up in it to the point that the revelation itself becomes more important than what is being revealed. Lourdes, Fatima, and Guadalupe leave us with so much to ponder and marvel at, as well as teaching us how to pray. Ditto with Divine Mercy.

I pretty much stay away from Unity Publishing any more because I just don’t condone the “in your face” method used there.

Even with Medjugorje, while not believing in it’s authenticity personally, I don’t doubt the sincerity of those who do.


Oh, my antihistimines. I gave them up some time ago. I know how they make you feel. You know, your local health food store has so many alternatives! There are many natural approaches to allergies. I haven’t found one that doesn’t work!



Yes, it is not Jesus-like. Not at all.

I think it would be a good idea to find the speeches, etc., elsewhere. Because if you are going to refer to the speeches, its proper to reference where you found them – and I don’t think its a good idea footnote that site and have people go there and feast on slanderous gossip – and have you be the one that helped them find that place.:frowning:

Yes, paranoid, or something. Its just not right.

"In your face: I think, is putting is overly charitably! (But, better to err on the side of charity).

And I know you have well thought-out reasons for your views and I respect that very much.

Since you and I talked about Medj. briefly on another thread, I have since learned some about it, because i always meant to. My parish library had an interesting book written by a mostly athesist BBC newswoman that went into a lot of the history of the area and was very factual in her reporting. It was an intersting exposure for me and now I am not completely ignorant on the topic.

I appreciate that you appreciate the sincerity of those who do believe in that. It shows very Christlike charity.

God bless you, sister!



Well, i could PM you, and I also could say right here perhaps. But when I thought about what I read there, it seemed so obvious to me. And why rant about something so obvious? I’d rather exalt over something wonderful (…Lately I have been exalting over the beauty of spring - crocus are up and tight buds are swelling here).

Do you think you didn’t read close enough? I think if you looked again you’d have some idea what I am complaining about. You sound like a discerning person (I say this because I took a look at your other posts when I read the one you posted here, to see if you were some kind of kook – I decided you weren’t!). :wink:

God bless you, brother.



Well, thanks, I guess, for deciding that I’m not a kook. :tiphat:

But I’d still like to know which article you found unpleasant.


You’re graciously welcome!

Okay, I’ll find something - later, after get my house looking shining and new. It looks like some kind of hurricane must have come through here while I was at work. A mighty suspicious phenomena.



I haven’t made the time to read all of Unity Publishing’s site. I still keep it bookmarked because it’s the best place (if not the ONLY place) I have found consistent information about OUR LADY OF SOUFANIEH (The Miracle of Damascus). This is an apparition that has has received approval from the local bishop. The apparition is calling for unity among Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants under the leadership of the Pope in Rome.

My interest in this is because of the Oracle on Damascus (Isaiah 17), which I believe is coming soon, and my surprise to learn there was a person living there who had received visions of Mary.

For whatever other problems exist with Unity Publishing and Rick Salbato, I am grateful to him for his promotion of this apparition.



Sounds interesting. I’m glad he has something good to offer - I am sure he does as he seems to generally be a person of good will. But I’d look elsewhere for info myself because I can see gross lack of goodwill and charity in other areas of his reasonings, as posted on his website. I’ll explain in a later post.



Magnum, I truly inspiring books which are messages given to “Anne”, a “Lay Apostle”. The books can be read online free in pdf form at the website where they sell them, directionforourtimes.com/

She has permission of her local bishop to produce and disseminate these books while he is in the process for the Imprimitaur. Bishops, piests and theologians thast have examined the works and say are in line with Church doctrine or teaching.

“Anne” is not her real name - the reason she uses the name is in the message, which Anne says is from Our Lady, dated April 16, 2005: “I want you to retain your private life as a mother and wife. In order for this to be possible, souls must obey my instructions. Anne, you will speak for Jesus and represent this mission. When you are speaking, you are Anne. When you are working for this mission, you are Anne. When you are serving your family at home or away from home, you are a mother and wife and you belong to your family… I am personally appealing to each soul to respect this woman’s anonymity.”

But Unity publishing has a brash article “exposing” her real name. I was embarassed to read this article, in light of what I believe Our Lady to have said above*, but now that its public knowledge I wanted to discern what this man from Unity Publishing was getting at.

*Even if one does not believe she wrote it, it is wise to consider that she may have, and with the appropriate caution in the matter.]

Salbato is not waiting for the the final judgement of “Anne”'s bishop, he is jumping ahead and assuming the bishop who gave permission for publication will later change his mind and deny the Imprimitaur, I guess.

Salbato discounts the work not by examining the work but by publicly exposing what may be her private identity, and passing on unsubstantiated and undocumented gossip and slander - Enquirer-style inuendos. The article has a genuinely sleazy tone. Rather than repeat his great sin against basic charity here, you can find it on his website and I think you will agree with me that Salbato has sunk pretty low into the stinky swamp with this article.



All I can say after years of being on the net is God bless Rick Salbato and his work. When forums and boards were overflowing with all kinds of nonsense about private revelations, seers galore, medjugorje (travel) sites, disobedience to Church rightful authority, etc, his Unity site was like a voice crying in the wilderness. It was, for awhile, about the only place you could find some truth about these issues. He did tons of research and got to the bottom of so many of these flakes and deceivers and really helped open people’s eyes.

I am not in full agreement with some of his work on the endtimes, prophecy and so forth. Nevertheless I feel a great debt of gratitude for his bravery in confronting these issues. For his efforts he received tons of hate mail, and even death threats. Yet he persisted in getting out the truth.

He is to be commended for his faithfulness! God bless him.


Just a ps…Anne " the lay apostle" is yet another ridiculous medjugorje spin-off of which there are now hundreds. It does get a little boring after awhile. If you find out enough about her background and the flaky way she tried to get bishops from other parts of the world to support her work etc.It is apparent she’s basically a clever business woman. Who, surprise surprise, started having her ‘locutions’ after a visit to surprise surprise again…medjugorje.

If mr salbato comes across as harsh in his disclosures about this woman, it wouldn’t surprise me. Sometimes people have to be hit with a two by four before they ‘get it.’

When Our Lady makes any kind of appearance private or public she is a woman of few words and does not rattle off volumes of religious nonsense.

If you want real spiritual insight read the lives of the saints. Not the ravings of a woman who dares to call herself “an apostle.” No humility in this one.



2 Corinthians: 12 But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off the occasion from them that desire occasion, that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. 13 For such false apostles are deceitful workmen, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder: for Satan himself transformeth himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers be transformed as the ministers of justice, whose end shall be according to their works.

Gotta test those spirits.

Maybe I have a thicker skin than you do…maybe I’ve been desensitized and you haven’t, but I find nothing wrong with Unity Publishing’s article. I didn’t find it “uncharitable”; I found it enlightening.

CAF rules don’t allow us to discuss the revelations of this person, but Rick Salbato doesn’t believe them, so he’s taking a page from St. Paul’s book.

Blame it on the Jesuits that educated me in high school, who, DAILY, were a lot rougher in tone than Salbato was in his article.


Yes, “Medjugorje spin-off” is what he coined, and gets repeated. Its not charitable.

Whatever it is with Medjugorje , you have to admit there is some genuinely good fruit coming out of it - whether its “because-of” or “in-spite-of” the happenings there.

I am not denying there is bad fruit too - although I have not seen it. I have not studied Medj.(only read one rather factual book).

What I have seen is only the good fruit. There is a local professional couple here of some prominence who live a humble faithful life - examplary in Catholic practice. I once asked the mother whether what had inspired her great faith? She spoke briefly and frankly, saying that she and her husband went to Medjugorje and came back converted, living their Catholic faith like they never had. She said she realizes there is controversy on Medj., but said frankly that they had truly experienced the presence of God there.

As I said, I am no expert on Medj. but I wonder if the adament detractors might consider scripture: “When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there among you.” Certainly the crowds there are gathered in the name of Jesus, and that can be respected.

So I cannot have the same flippant attitude towards people that have been inspired by Medjugorje that you and Salbato seem to have.

One thing that bothers me a lot about Salbato is that he speaks disparagingly about divorced women. In the sinful times we live in, there can certainly be serious reason for divorce. A marriage takes two people of good will. One is not enough. God normally does not violate the will of man. So one can be divorced and blameless. But Salbato uses the word divorced like a Scarlett letter. Its not right.

I think you should be careful about that. Its serious sin to spread lies about someone - and the way this article is written, there is no way of knowing if Salbato’s completely unsubstantiated accusations are true. They sound like lies to me.

One of Salbato’s accusations rests on the word of the ex-husband of a woman who fled for domestic violence help. Who is he? We don’t know his name or anything about him. Supposedly a woman who is supposed to be the real “Anne” gave this woman un-Catholic advice. But we don’t know if this is true. But Salbato writes as if it is. This bad advice that proves “Anne” is bad would have come through a private conversation, and is reported by a hostile ex-husband not privy to the actual conversation.

So why is Salbato writing this stuff? Because its a temptation for a writer to write Enquirer-style investigative reports? It certainly gets attention. Its big business for the gossip rags. People gobble it up! And no one cares if its true! They get a good feeling - that they have some kind of “insider info”!

Do you know the flaky way she did this? I don’t think you do. I think you only know that Salbato inferred she did this in a flaky way. But the facts aren’t there so you shouldn’t judge.

Oo! That word “clever” has a real bite here. Is she “suspect” because she is a business woman? What’s a women to do, left alone in the world to raise a child? I guess she only has two choices: to be a “business woman” or a “welfare woman”. Either way, it disparagable. As we see here.

Yes, and Salbato seems to have volunteered to do the hitting with the 2 by 4 - but I think his aim is way off.

Where in scripture or in the teaching of Our Church does it say there is a certain limit in the wisdom that will be imparted by Our Lady? Has Our Lady ever said in an approved apparition that we will know her words by the brevity of them? Or anything like that?

I think the pot is calling the kettle black! Sorry, I am sure you are not meaning to display lack of humility. But I think you are, so I am telling you. Humility is all over these works, which you would see if you read them. Then you could make an accurate judgment - based on reality not gossip.

I have found real spiritual insight in the lives of the Saints. I have read so many, I do not remember them all. But I am remembering the story of one Saint - perhaps it was St. Phillip Neri - who told a women in confession who had confessed gossip, that for her pennance, she was to go out in the marketplace and empty a pillow. She did and the feathers flew everywhere. She came back to him and he told her, “OK, now go and gather them up.” She said that is impossible. He said yes, and that is like your words of gossip. Impossible to clean-up.

What damage spreading unkind words does, true or untrue. What concerns me about Salbatos gossip is that its probably not true. Well “Anne” may well be a prophet of God - I think she is - and we always terribly mistreat the prophets of God. Salbato is in common company.



Well, having long been a Bible-believing Protestant, I have seen a lot of Bible-verse flinging. Bible verses can be used to promote just about anything! Even polygamy! So a Bible verse to support Salbato’s gossip-mongering just isn’t enough for me.

Yes, we have to test spirits and it was the spirit of Salbato’s writing that has me very concerned.

I think if you don’t see anything wrong with this article, then you probably have been desensitized, and perhaps our discussion here will resensitize you. I think we should all be sensitve when a brother or sister in Christ is disparaged or slandered. It hurts Jesus, so it should hurt us.

I did not want to discuss this work - but rather to discuss the way Salbato chose to discount it, and how this puts the rest of his work on his site in question, for me, at least. Because his dealing with “Anne” is very wrong and uncharitable. I would like to see at his site his arguments against the work, not unsubstantiated gossip against the person of Anne, and putdowns based on the fact that she is divorced (and by implication, should therefore be distained by God, and certainly not used by Him).

He ought to know a truth I liked to repeat as a Protestant -“God uses cracked pots”.

The purpose of this thread is not to discuss Anne or her works, but to put into question the way Salbato slanders her, and, for all I know - others on his site. I have not read all through it, so I cannot say. But this article puts it all into question for me. Lux_et_Veratas posts here on this thread that she also had a problem with the uncharitable ways of Salbato, so it is not far-fetched to say he displays the same lack of charity that he does with “Anne” elsewhere on his site.

The outcome of this thread I would hope would be that Salbato sees the nature of what he wrote and gets rid of it. And goes about his criticism in a Christ-like manner. It would be informative if he would critique the work itself. But what he wrote turns the stomach for some and certainly excites others. And leads them to sin. But it does not inform.

Well Jesus was rough with the sinners in the Temple. Rough is okay for a just cause. If you don’t see any injustice at all in what Salbato wrote, then I believe you have, as you say, become desensitized.



Unity Publishing is a good secondary information source. Rick likes to investigate alleged apparitions and alleged locutions, etc., and takes the trouble to post his findings and opinions on these subjects. One is free to read or not to read, free to agree or to disagree with his opinions. Rick also posts links to primary source material, i.e., letters from Church officials, etc., which should be taken seriously. I don’t care at all about his writing style, or about his attitude toward those he considers charlatans. It’s his web site…


My point is that Unity Publishing is a very tainted secondary information source. Yes, clearly, Rick Salbato “likes to investigate alleged apparitions”. But he is Catholic - therefore he needs to go about his chosen work as we all are instructed by Our Lord: with *Christlike charity. *That is grossly lacking in the example I gave (and Lux_et_Veratias confirms is lacking elsewhere on his website).

I believe it is irrepsonsible to quote this website as a source for that reason. Quote the primary source directly rather than risk that you lead astray another who then may explore other parts of this disreputable website, and may expose himself to Salbato’s ugly unsubstantiated, undocumented gossip stories. Its called slander. Enquireer-style stories are always a draw - away from Our Lord. In the case I cited, its a very humble Catholic he calumniates, who has support of her local bishop to do what she does, and has also been praised for her obediance to the Magisterium of Our Church.

I really wonder why many feel the need to slander the messengers rather than the messages when it comes to the many yet-unapproved appartions that are around today. The messenger is a soul beloved by the Lord. Do they forget Christ’s words that we will be judged according to how we judge others? Shouldn’t this put a holy fear in them? Where is the reverent respect for their Catholic brothers and sisters?

Why not critique the messages rather than the messenger, whatever the apparition in question? Let the Church in Her expertise examine the messenger (as well as the message), since that is what She is qualified to do. The message is something we are qualified to examine against the rich truths of the Church and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us – provided He is present and hasn’t fled because of our sin.

I also think of the apostles in the gospel when they complained about *others *preaching and healing in Jesus’ name. Of those “others”, Jesus said to leave them be, that if they are not against Him, they are for him. To me this says: stay close to Jesus, in His Church, and do not waste your energy complaining about others who may or may not be outside the safe shelter of it.

But I think you should be concerned about about his “writing style” when his “style” it is so contrary to the teachings of Our Lord.



You’ll get no sympathy for your cause from me; I’m not throwing Rick Salbato under the bus.

In my opinion it’s an error to think that alleged seers and alleged locutionists must be considered authentic until a Church investigation proves them to be false.

I’ve read some of “Anne’s” "messages’. They are obviously not authentic locutions; Rick’s findings only support the obvious.

I think that the purpose of this thread was to shoot a messenger!

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