Unity, what should it look like, in light of the current scandals, globally


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After a discussion this morning, I have been thinking about unity in the Catholic Church

We were founded on the blood of martyrs. Those whose witness lost them their lives. In the days of early christianity , in the Graeco - Roman era, where the Emperor was considered the representative of the gods, professing the Divinity of Christ could and would get you killed. It was a political act and quite dangerous. Yet people did this, they were united at the cost of death in quite grisly ways.
The divine status of Jesus was central to the emerging early church and christian movement.

Christians are still being marginalised and martyred today. Last night on Q and A, an aussie program, one of our more radical Politicians was discussing immigration here and said surely our first accepted should be those marginalised and persecuted. He named groups including christians.

So heres my question

What should unity look like today, what should we be doing to promote and maintain it.


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