Unity without compromise

Christian unity seems to be a common topic , but i wonder if it will ever be accomplished in this life , the only people uniting it seems are modernists , what would a good way for unity to happen , without say Lutherans compromising what we hold to be true.

Unity is not referring to doctrine and dogma but to all the teachings of Jesus that we certainly do agree about. All Christians coming together and supporting what the Bible teaches in a more unified way could turn this country around and return to upholding religious liberty for example. Thou shalt not kill, honor thy father and mother, keep holy the Lords Day, Thou shalt not steal, etc. if Christians supported God’s laws in the public square and at the ballot box, we could accomplish a great deal for Christ in this country and the world.

Read “Uniatism, Method of union of the past, And the present search for full communion”

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