Univeristy of San Francisco to cut MA-Theology Program for Financial Reasons

My school that I am currently attending for a MA in theology is planning to cut the Master of the Arts program in Theology due to financial reasons. The head of the department Fr. Kendall was notified via email that a the program that he has worked in since the 1970’s would be cut despite his scheduled meeting to defend the program. He was also told that there would be no meeting for him to try to convince the president and fellow Jesuit otherwise about the program.

The good news at least is that there is an online petition to stop this at: ipetitions.com/petition/USFMAProgram

There is an article that has been published on www.catholic.org about USF.

Please help us keep Christ in our universities.

Thank you!

In Christ,

LOL!!! Wait a minute, I thought the purpose of a Catholic school was to teach Catholicism!! Guess I was wrong…

Naw, you’re not wrong at all!:smiley:

Just have to send a loud enough message so that the board get’s it through it’s thick skull that we want Catholic universities in America to be in love with Jesus and His Gospel. :thumbsup:

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