Universal Indult

See where Father’s feet are?
That is where we would like to have our Altar rail.

The rumor is that Jan. 17th will be the day when the Universal Indult goes in. That is the Priest who has been on the rotation for our TLM downtown. If the Indult goes in, I don’t see any reason at all why we would be denied an Altar rail!
As you can see, we use kneelers now.

wonderful…our Church still has the Altar rails and 99% of the Parish recieves on the tongue…:slight_smile:
and the Kneelers…love them we have them too and actually use them:)

Okay, now I have to curb the envy!!! :smiley:

our you could join us:) (for Mass that is-next time you and the family are in the area )

Ooo… a day after my b’day… how auspicious :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday!
This would be a great present!

Jan 17 which year? We’ve been hearing about the indult since Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope.

Well he’s been on the phone with the Bishops in France so I would think it’s 2007.

Sooner or later, it will happen.

A whole year and a half or a little less! Such impatience!

January 17:hmmm: Lets see, it was to be in mid November, the excitement grew and ZIP, then it was to be mid December right before Christmas and ZIP once again.

I am willing to wager anyone on this forum that it will not happen January 17 18, 22 or 30 or any other date you care to mention.

There is way too much opposition from the Bishops for this and I truly don’t think the Holy Father is going to buck them on this one.

After having watched this issue closely I can see no evidence of him even considering this except for strategically placed rumors, and have no hope that he will do such a thing. Sorry, but I don’t think it is in the cards. I hope I’m wrong but i just don’t see it happening.

I don’t know, my friend, I have never seen THIS happen before…

Think he could telephone a few American Bishops too:gopray:

The rumor is that the Bishops will be taken out of the ability to block the TLM.

I think the French are just the FIRST calls to be made.

I’d like to be a fly on the wall with Mahony’s!

The sad part is, how many NO priests know enough Latin to say the TLM? The ones I have asked say they don’t remember their Latin well enough to say the TLM. Some of them will be lacking in desire, too.

The Priests at our Parish…thankfully have kept up on their Latin…:thumbsup:

Lucky you! :slight_smile: I’ll still be travelling 300 KM to Calgary to hear the TLM, even after the Pope makes his long-awaited pronouncement.

The retired priest in residence at my parish still knows Latin, but the Pastor and Associate are both young and never learned Latin in the Seminary, so they could not say a TLM anyway.

Oh I don’t think it’d be so tremendousy difficult for them :wink:

Will the older priest not teach them or can’t they learn it? :confused:

It would probably take years to learn. After all, back before the Pauline Mass was introduced, most priests were former altar boys (in fact, even now, most priests had been altar boys when they were kids–only they didn’t need to know Latin). An altar boy would have learned the Latin in order to serve at Mass. So even before entering the Seminary, he would have known the Latin for many years. It would be hard to teach somebody a language in a few months, rather than a long time, like maybe 15 years.

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