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I have been using this website for several months…I have gotten used to everything being in order…not having to jump around at
all(I currently read morning and evening prayers only)…if I switch to either the four volume set of LOTH or Christian Prayer…how much back and forth will there be…which is more complete for what I use it for…Thank you

Compared to reading it off a single page like you do for Universalis, there is, of course a lot of “jumping around” whichever bound volume you choose. I use the one volume Christian Prayer, but I have heard there is about the same amount of page-flipping as the four volume set.

I would suggest you ease into it. like I did. Start out with maybe Magnificat Magazine that has a VERY abbreviated version of the LOTH, and necessitates only a couple of pages be turned. Then go on to Shorter Christian Prayer, which is more complex. Finally, you will not have that much trouble graduating up the at least Christian Prayer.

Good luck and God bless you!

I see the future… In the future some poor priest with his PDA version of the Breviary, suddenly has a catastrophic battery failure and is thumbing through the books trying to remember how to do it.


Technology… it liberates and handicaps!

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