Universities back Muslim handshake rule


Apparently shaking a hand and not having your hand shaken can be soul destroying. :shrug:

AUSTRALIAN: "In a move denounced by many senior Islamic figures at least three of Australia’s leading universities are advising students to respect Muslims on campus by acknowledging followers of Islam are not permitted to shake hands with the opposite sex.

The information, which is *designed to foster a greater understanding of “Muslim identities’’, is provided online for students at Adelaide’s Flinders University, Perth’s Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

The Australian revealed earlier this week a public school in Sydney’s west — Hurstville Boys Campus of Georges River College — had adopted an “agreed protocol’’ endorsed by the NSW Education Department permitting Muslim male students to decline to shake hands with females *because of their faith. "

Universities across Australia provide students with cultural awareness information including understanding that “shaking hands or touching members of the opposite sex who are not family is not permitted’’ and greeting Muslims with “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Easter’’ is not appropriate.

National Union of Students *national ethno-cultural officer *Lorena White said “tertiary institutions should accommodate Muslim students who cannot shake hands with females”, adding that “to force any student to engage in actions that do not comply with their faith while no real harm is being done by doing so is discriminatory and unacceptable’’.

“The harm that would be caused for a male student forced into a handshake can be damaging to their sense of self, identity and can consequence to a choice *between assimilation or isolation. The consequence of having your handshake rejected is quite insignificant in contrast, and even more so when compared to the challenges and discriminations facing women today.’’



Well, that’s what we get for having preferred classes and arguing over pronouns that aren’t even words in the English language.



Thank you for being very understanding and accommodating.

Guess they have to put tag/sign or something to indicate that they are Muslims so that their non-Muslim mates would not mistake who they are, to avoid them damaging their sense of self and identity should they inadvertently shake hand with the opposite sex.


And people wonder why there’s growing resentment? White ‘liberals’ are the number one cause of anti-Muslim sentiment. Most Muslims I know aren’t offended by ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Easter.’ They were even willing to sing Little Drummer Boy during a school event. No one was offended.
If anything, the left is more offended and are using minorities as a scapegoat for their contempt of Christianity. I’m being half serious.


I know at least one Muslim that will shake anyone’s hand. Also, I still shake hands, in spite of fearing, you know, social contact.


Why is this a big deal? Why is this an issue at all?

Some Muslims believe that they may not touch a member of the opposite sex to whom they are not married. As do some Orthodox Jews.

I accommodate this every day, since I work with any number of Orthodox Jews, and have for many years.

This is nothing.


I honestly would prefer a mild form a sharia to the SJW nonsense that the left is all about. And the way things are going, that is what we will have.


If people wouldn’t sweat the small stuff…

Really, I don’t have a problem if a Muslim or an Orthodox Jew doesn’t want to shake my hand if it’s that important to their conscience not to.


I actually shook hands with a Muslim girl earlier this month.


This is bizarre, that they issued a rule about it. Were boys previously required to shake the hands of girls?

Seems it all should have stopped with a PSA educating the girls on the cultural difference.


Is this meant to be bad? Idgi.

From what I gather, it’s basically saying to be aware that there are Muslims who won’t shake hands of the opposite sex and not to force them/make them feel bad.

The rule is apparently allowing people to decline hand shakes. Nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile:


Yep. This seems like a fairly obvious case of “treat people how you would like to be treated”.

I wouldn’t be remotely offended if a Muslim man refused to shake my hand. So long as he did it in a polite way then I will smile and say it is ok.


What I think this demonstrates is that on the one hand most reasonable people, while understanding of the generally good motivations behind ‘political correctness’, we’re also kind of fed up of it. We don’t need to be told to be understanding courteous and considerate.

But more more importantly it demonstrates that really, PC-ness isn’t necessary, because any problem it attempts to solve is much more easily ameliorated (and with no regulation or training needed_, if people are just polite and decent human beings. Which, by and large, people are. This whole thing really shouldn’t be necessary.


I was taught the older etiquette rule that a man doesn’t offer his hand to a lady. If a lady offers her hand you shake it. This was from a time when we still had gentlemen and ladies. Now we aren’t even sure who’s a man and who’s a woman.


Doubt it. Simply knowing the rule is valuable in interpreting someone’s actions. Outside of this context a refusal of a handshake might be interpreted as a personal offense. With this knowledge one might understand that the refusal of a handshake is not necessarily meant to offend.


Perhaps. But I would not think anyone would be surprised at a Muslim’s refusal to shake a woman’s hand, particularly that of a western woman. Weird that they would think university students would know so little.

And the refusal, by the way, just like that of other Muslims who won’t shake hands with a male “infidel” either, is at least mildly offensive, since it is based on an assumption of “spiritual impurity” on the part of the one who is refused.

But it’s one of those “offenses” at which no one should exhibit umbrage. It’s really doing “infidels” a favor; showing what the Muslim world really thinks about them.


This doesn’t particularly bother me. It’s just letting people know that some conservative Muslims don’t believe in shaking hands across genders, so if someone declines your handshake, don’t be a jerk about it. I don’t see what’s so horrible about that.


I think it’s a good rule. Unmarried persons of the opposite sex should not be touching each other.


Seems a little extreme to me. Touching each other in a sexual way, sure. Touching each other at all? I can think of dozens of scenarios where it would be fine.

  • Guy meets a woman newly hired by his company. He introduces himself and shakes her hand.
  • A woman notices a guy drop his keys on the sidewalk. She taps him on the shoulder and tells him his keys fell out of his pocket.
  • A guy sees a woman who is looking at her cell phone about to walk into traffic. He grabs her by the arm to prevent her from getting flattened by a bus.



I don’t think the rule or the reason it came about (political correctness and fear of Islam) is good, and it is always best for private agreements to be assessed privately.

As I said, I don’t mind not shaking hands----I don’t even like doing it at Church because too many people have left the bathroom without washing their hands-----but university administrations everywhere are many ways becoming puritan secular dictatorships.

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