University bans NERF guns against ZOMBIES

I just don't know what to say about this!
University of Colorado students banned from using Nerf guns to play Humans vs. Zombies

. . . Colorado State University currently allows people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns many places on campus. The University of Colorado, like most schools, doesn't.

CU says its policy also bans the use of fake guns and that that includes the Nerf guns used to play the popular college tag game known as Humans vs. Zombies. In the game, humans can freeze zombies by hitting them with a Nerf gun or balled-up socks.

CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard says the school isn't trying to be a killjoy. He says the concern is for others not playing the game who might see a student with a Nerf gun and mistake it for a real gun.

Information from: Daily Camera,


But maybe we should take a poll? Does anyone think that looks like a real gun :shrug:

haha I actually attend colorado state univeristy. watching so many people playing this game is great entertainment. but when we heard about cu banning nerf guns no one could help but laugh. I have seen so many varieties of nerf guns this past week and none of them look like real guns. most of the reaction are "wow that is a cool nerf gun." so we feel sorry for the kids down the road from us who have to play with balled up socks and i think possibly face jail time if they use actual nerf guns.

Zombies are also such an danger to have running loose on campus, I think it's absurd to ban one of the only 2 weapons we have to protect ourselves from them. Balled up socks are no where near as accurate as Nerf.

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