University bans Pro-life groups, oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee

Oh how I weep for Canadian universities… York university has recently banned pro-life groups. I believe other universities have done this as well, such as Ottawa U.

Here’s an excellent editorial on the subject, by a favourite local writer of mine (a Catholic Tory, and convert from Judaism).

[quote=Crazy Student activist]“We think that these pro-life, anti-choice groups, they’re sexist in nature. Is this an issue of free speech? No, this is an issue of women’s rights.”

That was a great article. That student is a dunderhead LOL

lol yes, must be a British thing, the writer was born and raised in England.

The same writer also has his own show, and on his show he said he found it ironic that this student who lead the ban on pro-life groups also wears a hijab (a sign of conservative of Islam, which ironically condemns abortion)

A dunderhead indeed, she seems to be very, very, confused.

I remember a Canadian official saying, “We respect freedom of speech, but we don’t worship it.”

If you don’t worship it (in the non-religious sense, of course) then you don’t respect it.

I hardly think that it’s as simple as that. Surely some good has come out of these policies, for instance, the Nazi party is banned in Canada and holocaust denial is illegal.

As a Canadian attending a College I can’t say how upsetting this is. For you fellow Canadians involved in this struggle, let me share a story that happened last summer.

The CBC in conjunction with Facebook asked Canadians what their greatest wish would be.

Numero uno was to abolish abortion in Canada!!

You can imagine how hard it was for the Godless CBC to report on this at all. Of course there was very little commentary on it. But since Facebook’s demographics would be highschool/college/university it does represent a definite change.

Also it should be asked of these people if they support a woman’s right to choose for sex selection purposes. In theory they shouldn’t be against it, but since abortion isn’t about whether fetus is a person biologically, but about how abortion fits into the comfort lifestyle of today’s society.

Sorry I digress!

If you’re going to make it against the law to deny the Holocaust, you have to define the Holocaust.

Wild-Eyed Politically Correct Activist: “It should be against the law to deny the Holocaust! You should go to jail if you deny the Holocaust!”

Voice of Reason: “What is the Holocaust?”

WEPCA: “You’re stupid if you don’t know what the Holocaust is!”

VOR: “That may be, but if you make it illegal to deny it, you have to define what it is people are forbidden to deny.”

WEPCA: “It’s the Nazis killing the Jews in the gas ovens, of course!”

VOR: “The gas ovens were crematoria. The victims were killed elsewhere and then put in the ovens.”

WEPCA: “You’re splitting hairs! The Holocaust is the Nazis killing six million Jews!”

VOR: “The Nazis killed about twelve million people – half Jews and the other half gypsies, the mentally and physically handicapped, and Polish Catholics, about three million of the latter.”

WEPCA: “There’s a question about how many Catholics were killed. The Soviets may have inflated the numbers.”

VOR: “There may well be a question, but if you make it illegal to deny the Holocaust, it’s a question no one will be allowed to ask. So it will have to be three million Polish Catholics.”

WEPCA: “The Holocaust is the Nazis killing six million Jews!!”

VOR: “So you deny the other six million are part of the Holocaust? Doesn’t make YOU a Holocaust denier?”

WEPCA: “You’re twisting everything around!”

VOR: “What about the eleven million Chinese killed by the Japanese in WWII? Aren’t they Holocaust victims, too?”

WEPCA: “NO! Of course not! They were Chinese!!”

VOR: “So you have to be Caucasian to be a Holocaust victim?”

WEPCA: “You’re making me sound like a racist!!”

VOR: “It isn’t ME that’s making you sound that way.”

WEPCA: “You’re a %&^& Conservative and I hate you!”

VOR: “What about the Australians who were worked and starved to death on the Burma railroad? The Americans beaten and starved to death on the Battan Death March? The American pilots butchered and cannibalized on Chichi Jima?”

WEPCA: “You %&^& Right Wingnut! You’re a racist!”

VOR: “What about the Turkish genocide of the Armenians in WWI? The Killing Fields of Cambodia? The Soviet Collectivization artificial famine? The many genocides in Africa?”

WEPCA: “I hate you, you *&%$#ing *&^hole!”

VOR: “If you deny all those Holocausts, that makes you a Holocaust denier.”

WEPCA: “GARRGH! You (*&^ Son of a *&^%!”

VOR: “Total and complete melt-down. Somebody bring a mop.”

Internet polls are worthless as news because they don’t measure anything other than the organization and networks behind a given viewpoint.

I think it is very sad that York University banned pro-life groups. This quashing of freedom of expression seems harmful to a university experience.

A university that quashes freedom of expression is a contradiction in terms.

It chills the bone to think a university would do something like that.

I’m sure there was some good that came out of a police state in Nazi Germany as well…simple murderers and thieves were punished, but there was no due process let alone civil liberties.

Just because some good can come out of a draconian policy, doesn’t justify the draconian policy.

SO true - its flippin’ hillarious!!!

I can’t stop laughing!!!


I don’t think that’s a good thing when it’s at the expense of freedom of speech. A threat to any free expression is a threat to all. The best way to deal with those who deny the holocaust is to prove them wrong.

Freedom of speech is not for people who praise motherhood and apple pie. They need no protection. No one is ever persecuted for saying what everyone agrees with, or for following the government line.

Freedom of speech protects people who say things other people object to, or who criticize the government. If freedom of speech means anything, it means we must defend the rights of others to say things we vigorously oppose.

Nations that place “political correctness” ahead of freedom of speech have already taken the first step toward Nazism.

Well spoken.

It isn’t logical to allow one opinion under freedom of expression, and disallow another under freedom of expression.

Or maybe the term is that it doesn’t take “freedom of expression” objectively, it takes it as one concept to weigh against others.

Liberals don’t really understand objectivity in the sense of absolute rules, like we do, unfortunately. So they don’t really see it as illogical. “Freedom of speech” is just one principle to weigh against others, not an absolute. :shrug:

She and her friends have introduced a ban on all student organizations that oppose abortion and believe that life begins at conception.

Even including the biology students? That would impose quite a hardship.

I am curious as to what brought this about? I hope it wasn’t in response to me, as your fictional WEPCA couldn’t possibly be any more different then me.

It bans student organizations which are pro-life. I don’t see why being a biology student would make a difference?

I hardly think that it’s as simple as that. Surely some good has come out of these policies, for instance, the Nazi party is banned in Canada and holocaust denial is illegal.

Banning political parties and banning free speech are not **good **things.

As I pointed out, freedom of speech means we respect and defend the rights of people to say things we abhor. Banning a polirical party (even the Nazi party) and prosecuting “Holocaust deniers” (which, I have shown, is a difficult thing to defne) is a step on the road to Nazism. You cannot fight Nazism by becoming Nazi-like.

You didn’t demonstrate that holocaust denial was a difficult thing to define. You did however demonstrate your capacity for creativity (did you write that mock-discussion yourself?)

Banning the Nazi party is an act of justice, and should be applauded.

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