University Catholic Center at Austin Texas hosted LGBT ally training?

I was on the internet browsing for Catholic college ministries/centers in Texas and the University Catholic Center at Austin Texas came up. I then saw they had a Facebook page and then proceeded to take a look then I found something questionable. It seems to be they hosted an event called LGBT ally training. I was wondering if the Catholic center is allowed to do this despite Church teaching? Is this Catholic center openly dissenting or what are they trying to do? I have provided links and a photo. Should the Bishop of this Diocese be informed about this?

Here is a image of the event announcement they posted on Facebook

If you have Facebook, here is how it looks

perhaps they were reaching out to the community to discuss their theological error’s?

Well before you trot off a letter to the bishop, perhaps you should actually talk to the Newman Center priests and ask some questions. The flier is sort of ambiguous. It does reference Church teaching. I question some of the artwork in the flier but that alone isn’t enough to infer much.

Go talk to them and voice your concerns.

Is it your contention that Catholics are called to be enemies of LGBT people? What is the issue here?

The flier doesn’t really say exactly what the training consists of. I would hope that the group is trying to train people to approach LGBT identifying persons as human beings created in the image of God who are sometimes vulnerable to the persecution and hatred of others and especially susceptible to despair, etc. due to the complexities and confusion that may result from their self-image and lifestyle and to treat them with love. I would hope the goal is the train young Catholics to approach others with charity, no matter who they are. They may not go against Church teaching at all, and could in fact offer advice for how to share a Catholic view of sex, marriage, and human dignity with others both LGBT and straight. The reality is from just this flier, we don’t really know.

I believe the issue is are we condoning the behavior…no one faults anyone for their preference for gender…it’s a matter of condoning behavior…the question is, and should always be…are we to assume that the individuals who wear the signs and strive for equality, whatever that means…actually living celebant lifestyles…whether one is attacted to same sex, or whateve transexual is…or whatever…shouldn’t matter ofcourse…but it’s difficult to not get the feeling that these individuals, in celebrating their sexual proclivities somehow wish to be rewarded by those of us who aren’t…why would the Catholic Center at this school host a session advertising to be allies to this grp…Elton John thinks Pope Francis should be canonized…people are still ‘running’ behind the Pope trying to undo/explain his comments…I’m in the ‘camp’ that believes the Pope should judge immoral behavior…the Catholic Church is definitely getting smaller…

Ahh, I see the flier has the infamous “Who am I to Judge” quote on it. Best you get clarification on just how the organizers of the event interpret the Holy Father’s words before you move forward.

Ask the priest what that is. Catholics cannot be LGBTQAASDFSFSD allies.

It depends on how you define “allies.” We’re supposed to love the sinner but not the sin. Plus, is one trying to save the souls of the LGBTQA, or is one trying to smite them for their imperfection? Doing the first requires charity and patience, and firmly following the truth, and the second sounds very unlike Christ.

Try not to escalate this too fast, and be patient, yet trying to understand and work towards the truth. Look up Matthew 18:15-17 for biblical guidance if you feel the need.

Agreed. Ask them directly for a clear answer.

You might as well say that Catholics can’t be allies of thieves, or rapists, or liars, or cheaters, or gossips – or of people tempted to do these things! In the end, you’ll find that Catholics can’t be the allies of anyone.

The opposite view here:

I am a 100% supporter of pro-LGBT “allies” programs, Catholic or not.

Looking at the “allies” material for another college I see it’s about acceptance and respect, not about sin.

A lot of colleges officially recognize “allies” programs in which faculty and staff voluntarily lend their names to show support. Maybe the Catholic group is trying to get support for that.

The Facebook page has a quote about “respect, sensitivity, and compassion,” all three of which I agree with.

Where I’m coming from on this, as I’ve said before, is that I was labeled as LGBT and harassed (because I didn’t play sports) at a small Catholic college that did almost nothing about it. When this subject comes up, instead of criticizing LGBT, I’d rather stand up for right and wrong.

If somebody’s paying to attend a college, LGBT or not, that person deserves to be treated like a human being. If they’re paying room and board, they should be allowed to sleep in their own room, come and go in their own room, and have some level of peace and quiet, just like someone who’s renting an apartment.

I sure could have used somebody in a position of authority to say, “Steve, that’s not a nice thing to do, writing insults on signit’s door, please don’t do it.” “John, you really shouldn’t put firecrackers under signit’s door, he might be trying to sleep.” “Sean, you shouldn’t have kicked in signit’s door; he should have the right to have a door to his room that he can open and close.”

I might disagree with some of the implications of that, depending on how they mean that.

I still strongly agree, though, with the idea of “allies.” I’d rather side with the “allies” than the haters.

I guess the college also wanted you to understand that homosexual acts are bad for you.

I fail to see what the problem is here. When did it become wrong to show respect to those in the LGBT community? I didn’t see anything that was posted saying that they support marriage equality or endorse their so-called “lifestyle”. I just see human beings peacefully and respectfully coexisting with other human beings. When did that become wrong?

There is an approved Catholic apostolate to friends and relatives of homosexuals. It is called EnCourage.

What distinguishes the work of EnCourage is its concern to offer faithful witness to Catholic teaching on sexual morality while meeting the needs of its members with charity and compassion. To this end, the group professes an orthodox position on the immorality of homosexual acts even as it respects the human dignity of persons who have homosexual feelings.

Moreover, EnCourage differs from other Christian ministries of similar purpose in that it does not embrace the necessity of a homosexual loved one’s changing sexual orientation. While recognizing families’ interest in or commitment to the enabling of their loved one’s “re-orientation,” EnCourage works primarily to cultivate a supportive accepting environment in which the more immediate goals of fostering personal chastity and sexual abstinence can be valued within the context of a broadly Christian appreciation of human experience.

In addition to providing support and education, EnCourage also seeks to avoid raising false hopes for families whose desire to “make things right” in their loved one’s life might cause them to overlook their loved one’s present capabilities, preparedness, or intentions in this regard.

EnCourage has a chapter in Dallas/Fort Worth. This is the only Texas chapter.

The thing is, though, I wasn’t LGBT.

Even if you accept “it’s okay to harass LGBT,” it’s still not okay to stereotype/label somebody as such and harass somebody accordingly.

Anyway, I don’t care if somebody’s a murderer, if somebody’s a paying customer they deserve the services they’re paying for.

I was being facetious and mocking the “Catholics” who are so vehemently anti-gay sex that they won’t intervene against anti-gay violence because they might be supporting gay sex as a side effect.


I thought as much, given your previous posts on the subject.

I posted my reply mainly for the “Catholics” you mention who take the opposing side.

The essence of holy charity is that it enables us to help another to moral or physical healing through Christ’s help even though their condition may rouse horror in one - physical horror in the case, say, of leprosy, or moral horror in the case of people who cheerfully immerse themselves in sins that degrade and smear the image of God.
But what so many people pretending to mercy are doing is catering their souls in order to make it seem as if the most grievous of mortal sins are somehow not that bad after all.They are performing works of mercy the same way a pharisee would, without any due regard to the presence of God. This is pharisaism of mercy which is the contemporary twin of that of judgment. A person who no longer feels a revulsion for sins rapidly becomes complicit in those sins by becoming friend to the sin - by showing off how accepting he or she is; then they begin to condemn others who vocally condemn such sins as if the teachers or preachers were doing evil. Where Our Lord teaches ‘Go and sin no more’, the pharisees of mercy say 'It’s not right to commit fellatio or sodomy and to declare your identity as such, but it’s not so bad, God understands."

It is clear you do not understand the Bible as the Pharisees praised God they were not like the immoral which is pretty much the opposite of telling people who were doing immoral acts that they were not immoral.

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