University chapel desecrated with pro-abortion graffiti


The chapel of the Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) was covered in messages written in red spray paint, including “free abortion” and “secular education”.


Here we go.


Very open-minded of the allegedly ‘open-minded’…


I wonder if there is as much outrage over this act of vandalism as if there would be if someone pro life did the same to an abortion clinic in some pro life manner.

Hopefully the perpetrators will be caught and prosecuted.



I think perhaps it might be worth doing a small amount of research about Spain and the horrible political problems they are having, and I’m not even counting Barcelona wanting to be the capitol of its own new country.:shrug:


Wow, I thought these kinds of people espoused “tolerance.”


The Catalonian issue is centuries old, though.



“tolerance” is relative (post post modernism)


Only if you fall in line with them.


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